Saturday, November 29, 2008


While me and Rob were driving back home on Friday night from utopia, we spotted a car crash on Murdoch Dve just near the police station and SJOG hospital. Rob was like, "Let's have a look, see if we can give them a hand" and there was a lady that was crying and the two little kids like age 1- 2 and she was shouting, asking us to take her kids and look after them so rob picked one up and this other guy that was there picked the other one up. There was another car that had come to help, they called the ambulance and the police. The lady had crashed into a power line pole thing and it had bent inwards and one of the wires was hangin really low so it was quite dangerous. The lady was like, Don't call the cops, they'll put me in jail and take aaway my babies! She had sprained or injured her ankle pretty badly and she couldn't walk. The cops came first and they used a breath analyser thingo and she wayy over the limit and she didn't have her license, soo it was pretty bad! Fortunately no one was severely injured and the ambulance came to take her to the hospital. The kids were sooo cute!! The one that rob was holding had really taken a liking to him and when the nurse tried to take her off him, she was like hugging rob really tight and she cried and kicked and screamed :D That was our excitement for the night!

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FeLLi said...

Oh my goodness!!! how irresponsible!!! but yeh those breatherlysers are so INACCURATE!!! I speak from self experience *COUGH* last time i blew 0.052 at the scene which is like MORE THAN DOUBLE and i ended up being under using the PROPER machine so yeh PROOF!!! what a crazy night O_o" LURVE U BABE!!! hope ur managing to survie on c.i. =D