Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

After a hard day's work, I went to Robbie's house to celebrate Christmas Eve. It is a Hungarian tradition to open presents up on Christmas Eve and we had Bangladeshi food for dinner, it was scrumptious! I got lots of presents. it was very exciting!! I got a present from Rob's parents and sisters and Rob himself!! I got a nail spa, pair of beautiful earrings, a new bag, a TV TUNER!! and two new books weeeeee!!~

Everyone had lots of presents too and Rob and his sister had bought his parents a COFFEE MAKER!! Hell awesome! We had dinner after present opening at the christmas tree and then watched Mr Bean's Holiday which was a good laugh!

Hope everyone had a good night, it is now past 12 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!~~~ xoxo

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Spirit & BentoBox

Went to Yuki Japanese Restaurant with my friends like last week and this is a picture of my BENTO BOX!! :D Teri yaki chicken, my dumpling thing, sushi rolls, salad and miso soup~!! yuMmy!!

Anyhoos, have been getting in the the christmas spirit like for teh past week and did all my christmas shopping and bought wrapping paper and ribbons and cards and candy canes and wrapped everything up all nice and purtyy! :D Look at my presents!!! I brought out the tree from last year so refer to last year's blog entry for pictures.. http://blueberrymuffinss.blogspot.com/2006/12/tree-is-up.html

Went to Weiferz and Yuets on Friday night and gave them their chrissie presents :D and got one in return weeeeee! Beautiful crystal-like earrings :)!! and a matching necklace with a pendant :D
Can't wait til' tomorow i will be receiving christmas presents from the bf, some Hungarian tradition to give out christmas presents on christmas eve, best thing i've ever heard of!!! Other than that, will be working like 9 - 5 tomorow blehh.. and not sure what's happening for christmas as of yet :< wish we had fabulous plans but hopefully it won't be just another ordinarry day :D Looking forward to christmas!

Merry Christmas!!


On other news, got a job as a receptionist at Booragoon Radiology so will be needing to quit my current job :O! woot! Thanks to Robbie!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pooh and My Mahar DryGoods

Mahar DryGoods

Back in March this year, I wrote a post about Mahar DryGoods, Anyways, I decided to try and make them haha.. This is what my attempt turned out to be like...

I couldn't be bothered making the other slice of bread because the first one took me forever to make :D. Oh and the Ice cream cone was just because I was bored...weeee~ not bad eh?


LOOK WHAT I WON FROM TIMEZONE!! it came with a donkey kong and Rob wanted the DonkeyKong and I wanted the Pooh and we won on the third attempt from one them skilltester machines, so that was like $4.50!! woOt woOT!! HELL GOOD!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007



(Pic Stolen; perezhilton.com)

Agnes' 18th Party

Weif, B'day Girl and I

I thought it was great!! Held at Snooker Lounge behind the Melville MaccaD's!!I loved the food! There was fried rice, chicken wings, subway cookies, frankfurt thingoes on a stick, chips, cupcakes, noodles, lollies and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including my favouritest drink everr, lemon lime bitters, made by the birthday girl herself!!!

Yummy Food!!
Free games of pool and lanning facilities!! Played a couple of games of pool! that was fun and caught up with friends and netted (how saD) and played a bit of CS. Everyone seemed to end up chatting to each other on msn...to people from the party Lol!
Me and Robbie <3

Rob at the party :P (playing CS!!)

Most of the people ended up going clubbing at Metros, but I wasn't up for it! Heard from the Agnes, she got kicked out for being too drunk!! Poor thing!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Feet Pampering

Our feet are always getting neglected, we wear high heels, get nasty blisters, dry them out til' they're cracked and bleeding and walk on them until they're used and abused!!

It is time my feet get some Pamperingg!!
Today I made my lovely, gorgeous, hunk-of-a-boyfriend get me a foot spa!!! MY FEET ARE FEELING SO RELIEVED AND RELAXED AND SOFT AND SUPPLE!!! AHHHH!!! FEELS SOOOO GOOOD :D:D:D
Some foot ideas from some site:

* Pour 1/2 cup of Epsom salt into your foot bath to ease muscle aches.
* Brew double-strength tea with chamomile, comfrey, horsetail, lavender, mint or sage. Strain into the foot bath.
* Swish 1 1/2 cups cider vinegar and 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice into tepid foot-bath water

Here are the steps for a natural, at-home pedicure:
1. Foot soak. A warm foot bath cleans the feet and softens skin and cuticles. Adds aromatherapy oils to the water: peppermint is refreshing and stimulating for feet; tea tree oil disinfects and deodorizes.
2. Clip and file nails. After drying your feet, carefully trim the nails, rounding out sharp edges and being sure not to cut them too short to avoid infection.
3. Cuticle care. Gently push back the cuticle. If your cuticles are tough, use a softener. Pushing back cuticles reduces the need to cut them. The cuticle is a beneficial skin/nail barrier that keeps dirt and microbes from invading.
4. Scrub-a-dub-dub. A good foot scrub exfoliates and revs up foot circulation. Native Glow, a scrub that consists of Dead Sea salts (rich in minerals), blue cornmeal and almond oil, can be rubbed all over feet.
5. Smooth the skin. Using a foot file or pumice stone, sand away dry skin and callused areas. To avoid a build-up of hard skin, you need to scrub at least once or twice a week in the shower.
6. Moisturize: Follow the pampering with good moisturizing, using either a creme containing nourishing shea butter, cocoa butter or natural, unrefined oils such as almond, jojoba or pure vitamin E oil.

Friday, December 07, 2007



Simply click once, and drag the food on top of Buttons :D:D:D Cheers!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Free Cat

Tonight, I was driving home from the boyfriend's place and I saw a mass of stuff on the road and a long wiggly thing, withering around and I thought that it might've been a snake. HOWEVER, IT WAS A CAT THAT HAD ITS PAWS SQUISHED TO THE ROAD AND IT WAS WAVING ITS TAIL AROUND FRANTICALLY TRYING TO GET AWAY.. but failing miserably..!!!! Poor kitty :<

City Beach thief and ONE DAY SALE!!

Had work yesterday on ladies floor - doing the change rooms. It's a fairly easy job, u ask them how many items they have, take their clothes from them, pick a number, pat the clothes down and give them the change room.

I did just that to some asian girl, AND DAMN WAS THE POCKETS OF THE BOARDIES BULGY!! I pulled out a pair of bikinis!! and she was like "How did that get in there? Some people are so devious". I'm like meh yeah whatever, go change and she goes, "So can I try those on?" *Points to the bikini* I'm Like "oh hell no n****, these aren't tagged, go grab another one." (NB. slightly exxagerated). So she goes and grabs the same style of bikini as the one she tried to steal...and I grab a colleague of mine and told her I found some untagged bikini in the boardies she wanted to try on...so she goes up to the girl and asks her if she put them in and she lied and said no.. anyhoos she told me she'll get one of the boardies and handed the other one back to me...but I was watching her..she didnt head towards the counter...she put the boardies back on the shelf!! DODGEY!!!!!! The Floor manager came and was lookin for her, but she had left and the Floor manager said I did a good job on catching a thief and she'll tell the boss! ^^; weee~ that's my story of the day...

The Bikini she tried to steal - very patriotic..

On another note, ONE DAY SALE AT CITY BEACH ON SATURDAY SO COME COME COME!! i'm not working so weeee~ probably see what there is :D:D:D working on friday night to put up signs and stuff, so i'll keep u updated!

Viccie Station - Burswood


Got picked up by the birthday girl herself in her shining new shazzy red mazda 2!! weee~ we almost had a car accident - i saw my life flash before my eyes !

Next stop - Vic. Station woot!~

I bought a new dress from city beach - my current casual job! I WANT SO MANY THINGS FROM THERE!!! This is me and subu at the dinner table.
Yen, being the random girl she is, BOUGhT A RABBIT MEAL!!! OMGGG THAT'S DISGUSTING!!! I love my rabbits...so i refused to have any!! ew ew ewww!
Me, on the other hand, decided to have my Seafood Medly - patagonian toothfish, prawns & scallops and capsicum salad. All our meals were rather small and I finished my dinner for once!

This is the Bday Girl :D Sweet 18....WE GOT FREE CAKE!!! we were discussing - the next time we have dinner, just say it's someone's bday and u'll get a free cake Lol.
Chocolate mousse and peppermint with chocolate crackle at the bottom - De-friggen-licious!!
At the Lobby :) hanging out - and bitching, what we do best :)
Bitching is cheap therapy !

What do u reckon? Yuets dress or mine :D:D:D
Yuets looks hott!
Overally, good night :D weee~