Saturday, March 28, 2009

How to stay Well or Get better if you've been sick

  • Do things that bring you a sense of fulfilment, joy and purpose, things that validate your self worth. See your life as being your own creation and to strive to make it positive and expansive one.
  • Pay close and loving attention to yourself, tuning in to your needs on all levels. Take care of yourself, nourishing, supporting and encouraging yourself.
  • Release all negative emotions, especially resentment, envy, fear, sadness and anger. Express your feelings appropriately and authentically; don't hold onto them. Forgive yourself daily from anything you feel bad about.
  • Hold positive images and goals in your mind; pictures of what you truly want in your life. When fearful images arise, refocus on positive images that evoke feelings of peace and joy.
  • Love yourself unconditionally and do your best to love everyone else. Make this love the purpose and primary expression in your life. Create fun, loving, honest relationships, allowing for the expression and fulfillment of your needs for security. Try to heal any wounds in relationships with parents, old friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Make positive contribution to your community through work or volunteer services that you value and enjoy.
  • Make a commitment to your health. Develop a healing program, drawing on the avice and wisdom of professionals you respect.
  • Accept yourself and everything in your life as an opportunity for growth and learning. Be grateful for the abundance and blessing in your life. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself, learn what you can fro the experience, and move on without regrets.
  • Keep a light-hearted sense of humour. Laugh at the appropriate time, even if you really don't feel like it. Look forward to each and every birthday. Look forward to the future, knowing full well that you cannot go back to earlier days.
  • Develop a sense of kinship with a loving, protective benevolent universal intelligence. This intelligence is referred to by a variety of names by various religions and peoples around the world. Talk to this higher intelligence and draw on it for assistance and support in times of need.
  • Most importantly, give thanks for all that you have, even though you don't have everything you want.
Courtest of my workplace and Dynamic Chiropractic.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why the Nokia e63 is better than the e71

I got the nokia e63 not too long ago, I really like the keyboard and its price is so much more reasonable than the e71 or the blackberry. The nokia e63 was made in relation to the e71 however it is much cheaper in price due to some drawbacks such as it has a plastic casing instead of metal which makes the phone much lighter. It's really similar in that it has the QWERTY keyboard, GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even Infrared as connectivity options. The camera is 2MP compared to the 3.2 on the e71 however the new touch sensitive Navi-Wheel which encircles the traditional d-pad makes it easier to flip between menus. It also has a media player and FM radio. The back is smudge-free unlike the e71 and the front has a attractive glossyness. It is red, such a pretty colour :)

Dressing up bunny

I bought a hoodie for Snowflake the other day, I know, I know, why does it say 'PUP' on it? Well it was that or 'Princess' and Snowflake is MALE not a princess. Anyways, he doesn't like it at all and slips out of it when I put it on :(.

Mary Jane socks

Robbie bought me a pair the other day, they are soo comfortable!:) Keep my feet nice and warm from my cold tiles!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dolce&Gabbana Sunnies

Nothing like retail therapy on some designer sunglasses!! I bought this pretty pink thing on sale, 70% off!!! $410 ---> $125 Some sunglasses shop in Habour Town. I like my bug-eyed sunnies!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was watching 'Getaway' on channel nine and they were showing Venezuela and some of its wildlife and I saw this rather cute animal called the Capybara!! It looked cute on the show anyways, the photos aren't that flattering but here's a glance. I've never seen one of these before! They're found in the wild all over South America and apparently it's a delicacy there = \. The Capybara is the largest living rodent and is a semi-aquatic mammal and a preferred prey of the Anaconda snake.

Anaconda devouring a capybara

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Vegetarian Diet for Dogs

This concept was brought to my attention when I watched the movie 'Seven Pounds' where Emily's dog only ate steamed broccoli and tofu (wtf?). The idea of 'good' people corresponded to vegans and vegetarians very subtly in the movie. I didn't know it was possible to have a vegetarian dog and wondered whether it was cruel and if the dogs would be malnutrition. So I googled Vegetarian dogs and and according to a vegan website, it is possible and healthy for a dog to be vegetarian and can reduce risks of 'cancers, strokes, heart attacks, and other common diseases and disorders.' Dogs are omnivores just like us, however certain guidelines has to be followed to ensure a balanced diet for a dog, here's a site with some tips from transitioning your dog into a vegetarian, enjoy - Click Here.

Nail it!

My new Oasis Green and Fuschia nail polish from Sportsgirl. They have many bright, vibrant colours available for only $7.95.

A little bit of Snowflake

My beautiful Snowflake playing in the backyard :)

Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

I have been engulfed in the Twilight series for the last few days and I read all four of them religiously around my everyday duties and needs i.e. eat, sleep and shit. I have to say the first book 'Twilight' was probably the worst of them all in comparison to the other three although I think the last book 'Breaking Dawn' was the best however I think it felt more like the beginning rather than the end because of the introduction of all these new characters with amazing abilities yet we aren't able to see them use it, much. It's like having a season of Heroes where all the characters are introduced and then END OF SEASON!! That being said, I did enjoy the series, it very much a teenage romance story, if you're into that stuff. I like happy endings so I enjoyed it muchly. All this buzz about Twilight being the next Harry Potter ---> Harry Potter wins hands down!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Mavis' Home Pampering Sesh

It's been awhile since I had a girl's night out, so the estrogen rush was invigorating. Sabina is heading back to Sydney next week so she suggested a pampering session because we both had foot spas and she gave me a hand spa last last Christmas. So I planned out the day and here is what I came up with;

Mavis’ Home pampering session


Start With A Clean Face

Cleanse the face with water or whatever cleanser you prefer to use. Cleansing the skin first is an important step to any facial. Gently pat skin dry after cleansing and rinsing

Cleansing Massage

The next step is to massage the face gently in circular motions with the fingertips. Avoid the eye area. Use a cold cream or plain vegetable oil to reduce friction and pulling at the skin. Massaging the face will improve circulation and improve the appearance of the skin.

Hot towel treatment

Keep the towel on your face for up to five minutes and wipe away any residue with a toner or plain distilled water.

Face Mask

Use face mask of your choice and follow instructions on packet. Use some pre-prepared cucumber for the eyes.

Foot Spa

Soak your feet in the foot spa for 30 minutes. Add sea salts or other salts of your choice, then use a pumice to soften up the rough spots.


Start off by placing your hands in the hand spa. Allow it to soften and dry off with a towel. Apply some hand lotion to moisture hands.


Start by cutting and shaping your nails. Use nail buffer to buff your nails and apply two light coats of your favourite colour nail polish.

We ended up with French manicures for our nails that turned out quite well I must say. [pic below] My favourite parts were the hot towel treatment, the foot spa and the manicure. Overall I think the pampering sesh was a success and I personally think everyone should take some time out for themselves and just make yourself feed good.

Galaxy Drive-in Cinema

A drive-in cinema has always been on my to-do-list and I can finally tick that off as me and Robbie went to the Galaxy Drive-in Cinema in Kingsley to watch 'The International' and 'Seven Pounds'. I am happy to say that it was more satisfying than I thought it would be. I would go so far to say I prefer the drive-in to the ordinary cinemas. What I was really fond of was being able to listen to the movie in the comfort of your own car without the disturbances of rowdy idiots you find in a lot of the cinemas. Depending on the car, the seats are so much more comfortable and adjustable and you can bring as many cushions and food without looking like a douche. Also, it costed us $8pp for two movies, Bargain!! (Tuesdays is only $10 per car)
The International, wasn't great..wasn't planning on watching it but it happened to the the first movie being played so might as well. I thought the cops were rather lazy and stood around staring at the bad guys before WALKING towards them. I'll give it a 5.5/10.
Seven Pounds, on the other hand, was exceptionally well. I would probably say one of the best movies I've seen in awhile, I really enjoyed the storyline, it starts off quite slow but at the end of it, it reveals everything. It was definitetly worth watching, highly recommend it, 9/10
Coming attractions: 12th March - 18th March "Confessions of a shopaholic" and "High School Musical 3"