Monday, July 30, 2007

Good deeds.

Been sick for a couple a days' and was stuck at home readin harry potter damn that's a good booK! I wouldv'e liked it if harry killed off voldermort though... he sorta just...died... hmms... BuT well written, i want the whole series...I have books 1,2 and 7...(together, me and jia has the whole set)

ANyhoos the other day I was at caro with rOb and this girl comes up to us and asks us to give her a lift to the nearest bus stop and said she'll pay us money. It was so random, we're like nahh dw bout the money and she wanted to go to victoria park and it wasn't that far so we dropped her off there. She's this sweet little girl that sounds really fragile, she was involved in an accident recently and couldn't lift heavy stuff and that's why she askd for the lift. And then as she left she said she wanted our numbers and to keep in contact...because she said we were nice o.O totally random. But that's our good deed for the day :). Made me feel good.

First day back to semester two, another semester of torture. I HAVE TWO UNITS COZ THE UNIT COORDINATOR WONT LEMME TAKE A SECOND YEAR UNIT :< :< :< Now i have tuesdays free....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Walking Boots.

Arrived back on a Friday night =], it was 7degrees as i got off the plane. Damn it was cold! Anyhoos back in time for the Harry Potter hype!! :D saw just a few people dressed up and Rob got me a copy of The Deathly Hallows. Haven't read much of it yet...unlike some geeks *cough* i heard hm's sister finishd it yesterday .. lol

Anyhoos, I BOUGHT NEW BOOTS!! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM ATM!!~ <33 they are so comfy and i got em' at a crazy 29.95!!! (down from 89.95) wooT /me dances. nothing like good bargain!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dolly'd it up


Monday, July 09, 2007

C.I Resort, back in action

Didn't bring a camera, here's a paint drawing :D

Well, the cas is still closed but the restaurant downstairs has opened! ANYHOOS, me, adam, yuets and mish AND sean morganti (adam invited him O.o) went to dinner rhys bird was meant to comebut dunno why he din. I HAD YUMMY FRENCH LAMB CUTLETS best meal on our table me reckons. (with mashed potatoes, basil leaves and lemon lime bitters drink)

The pool is still closed, they're tryin to get the license to re-open the casino. I would like to see the pool and arcade up and running again.

Went swimming for the first time todays arvo!A little more people on the island, but still barely anyone here. Jumped off the jetty, was so scared again. mmyesh.. nothing much..

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Malay Weddings :)

Nothing like good food(CURRY, CHICKEN WINGS, BEEF, SALAD, YELLOW RICE,OMG) in the outdoors, and lil' kids running around giving u greatly decorated gifts filled with lollies (as above). I hate to eat and Leave but... because.. other people wants a seat, that's our excuse. Woo~ and the bride and grooms throne, daYmm.. so nicely decorated! I didn't getta stay and see the bride (Aiesya Kasim), I saw the the groom (Zarul) but he wasn't even ready *shrugs* guys...

Well, there's another wedding thing at the Groom's place tomorrow :).. So hopefully will see the the bride then :) I saw Jessica's baby, she's soooo cute!~ weee~

Friday, July 06, 2007

Application for CONDOM TESTER



Plane broke down



Yes, that's right people, I HAD LAKSA TODAY AND IT TASTED SO DAMN NICE !! Hah. I just had to rub that in, and I had lunch with Kahsean's mum. HEhehehehe...

I also had some thai rice :) ~

I'm bored, random entry...

I thought this photo lookd coOl, with the reflection. Meant to show my lil' angel that I made.. which can be seen below!

It has two wings but the angle doesn't show it!

After Lunch, went 'shopping' at Red Crabs and got myself a new pair of shorts. Woot~ I'm loving em' at the moment.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My creations~

Weee!~ I am absolutely bored! After Lunch today with Mumsy (At Rockfalls Cafe, I had Spinach & cheese Frittata), went to check out the shop, Wild Papaya! I love that shop, it has all these quirky colorful things! ^^; WHICH IS WHERE I GOT MY NEW HEADBAND FROM! hehe.. And I got bored during the day so i made a necklace and some earrings !!!

Dragonfly Earrings, nice and simple

NEcklace, beads from Sunday Market :D

Feathered Earrings :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Fountain gone wrong

Without Instructions

So my auntie decides to send us some fountain that has to be assembled ourselves and she doesn't send the instructions with it, mum decided to give it ago anyways. Man, I was thinking, fuck that's the ugliest fountain I've ever seen! Why couldn't she send us like a Dolphin fountain or something. It wasn't even stable >_<"
And then, she decides to send us some fax some time later with the instructions on how to assemble the fountain...and oh boyyy did we get it wrong HAhahahahhaha.. I literally lol. Oh god, Check out what it's MEANT TO LOOK LIKE...below..

With Instructions

It's not tooo bad I suppose :P lil' bit unstable n dangerous! and the water runnin out of it..is pretty pathetic.. ahh wells.. a gifts a gift.. whats to complain :P

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wild Hogs

I've been back for 6 days and last night was the first night I saw Yuetzers :o! I asked her to go to the movies with meh <33 hehe

The movie last night was Wild Hogs, starring John Travolta and Tim Allen. Some comedy show that didn't turn out that bad but I wouldn't recommend it for watching at the movies, however it only costed meh $2. Back to them ol' Outdoor cinema, concrete seats that make ur butt ache til you get pins n' needles on part of ur arse and leg. You try and move around to find the perfect spot BUT YOU NEVER FIND IT COZ ITS ALL ROCK-HARD CONCRETE!

mmyess.. Missing the movie seats back in Perth, much more comfortable and comes along with a drink holder as well as an arms rest (Or a gorgeous boyfriend to lie on :D)!

After the movies went back to Yuets and we talkd a bit then headed home!