Sunday, July 22, 2007

Walking Boots.

Arrived back on a Friday night =], it was 7degrees as i got off the plane. Damn it was cold! Anyhoos back in time for the Harry Potter hype!! :D saw just a few people dressed up and Rob got me a copy of The Deathly Hallows. Haven't read much of it yet...unlike some geeks *cough* i heard hm's sister finishd it yesterday .. lol

Anyhoos, I BOUGHT NEW BOOTS!! I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM ATM!!~ <33 they are so comfy and i got em' at a crazy 29.95!!! (down from 89.95) wooT /me dances. nothing like good bargain!


Anonymous said...

thats fetch

hm said...


haha yeh my sis finished it on the day we got it.. she said she should read it b4 me coz she was a 'faster reader' pft! lol

lovin those boots! crazy bargains give me an adrenaline rush

walking said...

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