Monday, July 30, 2007

Good deeds.

Been sick for a couple a days' and was stuck at home readin harry potter damn that's a good booK! I wouldv'e liked it if harry killed off voldermort though... he sorta just...died... hmms... BuT well written, i want the whole series...I have books 1,2 and 7...(together, me and jia has the whole set)

ANyhoos the other day I was at caro with rOb and this girl comes up to us and asks us to give her a lift to the nearest bus stop and said she'll pay us money. It was so random, we're like nahh dw bout the money and she wanted to go to victoria park and it wasn't that far so we dropped her off there. She's this sweet little girl that sounds really fragile, she was involved in an accident recently and couldn't lift heavy stuff and that's why she askd for the lift. And then as she left she said she wanted our numbers and to keep in contact...because she said we were nice o.O totally random. But that's our good deed for the day :). Made me feel good.

First day back to semester two, another semester of torture. I HAVE TWO UNITS COZ THE UNIT COORDINATOR WONT LEMME TAKE A SECOND YEAR UNIT :< :< :< Now i have tuesdays free....

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Jia said...

So she was kinda like a hitchhiker? OMG you coulda got raped. Or Rob could've got raped! You like to live dangerously don't you!

Hehe. Ok, all jokes aside, why don't you like the way Voldemort died? I thought it was very befitting, you know, getting killed by his own rebounding curse, which was how he nearly died in the first place when he tried to kill Harry as a baby.