Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VS Sassoon Ultimate 230 Nano

VS Sassoon Ultimate 230 Nano

I've been meaning to buy a GHD Hair straightener for awhile because I usually get my hair chemically straightened and that costs around $200 so I thought might as well spend $300 and skip the salon fees. So I went to search for a shop that sold the ghd, I started off with the Shaver shop at Garbo and the lady told me that they didn't sell the GHD, however, the VS Goddess is just as good as the GHD and has more functions such as; a variable temperature, it has steam which supposedly keeps the hair moist & conditioned, and it's only $199.95. So instead of getting sucked into her marketing speech, I went home to research the VS Goddess and the reviews were not bad.

Then one lunch break, I was approached by a Corioliss person at one of the kiosks at Garbo and he offered to straighten my hair to show off the Corioliss hair straightener and it was pretty good. He told me that it was the next GHD, but of course they would all say that... Anyhoos, it was supposed to be $300 but apparently it was some anniversary so they were selling it for $250 except he said because I worked in the centre he would give it to me for $240. The hair straightener had movable plates, was ceramic, ionic and came in many prettyful colours, but the highlight of buying the straightener was if you brought the receipt back to them, they'll straighten or curl your whole head for free FOR 12 MONTHS!!!!! You could go back everyday and get them to do your hair!!! I was almost won over but I got Rob to check the reviews on the internet before impulse buying and apparently it only had 3.5/5 stars so I didn't end up buying it.

After a week of speculation and research, and between torn between which hair straightener to get when I just wanted to get a GHD but after learning so much about a hair straightener I went to try out the VS Goddess at the caro Shaver Shop. The lady there suggested that the goddess was very bulky and it was a hassle to replace the water for the steam all the time which was true. I also tried out another straightener call Kodo but I didn't really find anything appealing about it. On my walk to the car, I went past Harvey Norman and decided I will get the VS Goddess because I liked the fact that it would keep the hair moist and the GHD didn't have an ionic feature. The lady that helped me out at Harvey Norman was just the right person to talk to, she owned a GHD, a VS Goddess and a VS nano! She got the GHD for $200 from her friend that worked at a hair salon or something and she said the moving plates pulled her hair out and made her hair really dry. The VS Goddess was not bad, her friend loves it but it was too bulky and the steam must not be good for the hair. So she suggested the VS nano which had a 3 year warantee and only the GHD, VS Goddess and the VS nano had a 3 year warantee. It was exactly what I was looking for, it was ceramic, ionic, not bulky, had variable temperatures, had longer plates which is good for my abundance of hair. It was selling for $170 but the lady put it down for $150 for me!!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Amateur Photography - Christmas Island

Phosphate ship
Isabel Beach

Flying Fish Cove

Golden Bosun

Golden Bosun 2

My first attempt at using the Canon DSLR 450D! I went to the cove last week to take some pictures and I was lucky enough to find a Golden Bosun's nest! It kept flying around the cove as I chased it with my camera! There must've been some baby chicks up in the rocks however it was too high up for me to see.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing Hide & Squeak

Yuets & I were chatting away at my house when we heard noises from my kitchen. First we thought my mum was at the back but found that she was in the front lounge watching tv. Lo' and behold, caught the sneaky lil' bugger.

Monday, July 20, 2009

You call them tomatoes I call them tomatoes.

A belated post I've been meaning to put up, now on Christmas Island, escaping the wet winter of Perth. Look at my cherry tomato plants!! They were the size of my palm when I bought them, now they're huge and blossoming with green tomatoes! I'm so very excited. Hopefully when I get back I will have a bunch of red tomatoes so I can make some yummy tomato soup!

First two tomatoes!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mini world

I've been obsessed with terrariums for a long time, but I have been taking my time in gathering all the materials needed. I've been meaning to make them from these pasta jars however so far I have bought this ground cover from bunnings and shoved the toys on top of it.

Ground cover from Bunnings

Mushroom from Etsy

Reindeer from Etsy

Mr Gnome from Bullcreek fairy shop.


Food review: Perth Dae Jung Kum - Korean Restaurant

I've been on practical at Mercy Hospital for the last three weeks, (one more week to go!), and the boss there has a Korean wife so he recommended the Korean restaurant on Francis St in Northbridge and I decided to take my Mummy there to try it out!

It was fairly quiet when we went because it was like 2 in the afternoon however I hear it gets pretty busy in the evenings.

We ordered KimChi Stew and Steamed Spanish Mackerel and it was damn delicious!! 3 Side dishes were also given to us, spicy kimchi, water chest nut & bean sprouts, but I'm not sure which meal it came with? Only thing I didn't like was the bean sprout dish because I hate bean sprouts with a passion! There was so much food and it was fairly cheap!! Highly recommend the place!

Steamed Spanish Mackerel

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Belated Birthday piccies

At Yueh Lai's & Winnie's 21st, held at the Gold bar, hidden in an alleyway off Rokeby Road. Very small venue but great for a 21st. They have a bed lounge and they sell shisha pipes!

Got many kisses from Yueh Lai :D

Happy Belated to Chie, who had a dinner at Terraza's in Subiaco. Lovely 3 course set menu in a remote area upstairs away from the rest of the customers with its own bar.

Happy Belated to Shibby, who had a house party and turned her garage into the best dancefloor ever! It had those green and red lights and strobe lights as well!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Gardening in winter

I bought some cherry tomato plants from bunnings back in April and they were just tiny little things and now they're big, luscious and flowering but it hasn't given me any tomatoes yet so I didn't take any pictures. Today I went to get my tyres changed and walked across to bunnings and found these pretty plants and they were only $1.87 so I bought them however I'm not sure what they are. They look like flowering cabbages? Hoping they are edible.

Potential Photographer

My brother is into photography at the moment and has given me his 'old' dslr to upgrade to a 50D. Weeee!~ Now I just have to learn how to use it :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)


This film was highly anticipated & also highly disappointing. The amount of people that went to see this movie on the day it came out, (I was sadly one of them), came out thinking "Fuck, what a waste of $14.50". There was great visual effects, lots of robots and fight scenes, Megan Fox's boobs but nothing we haven't seen before and the storyline was lacking and predictable. It is rubbish compared to the first one, so for anyone that wanted to watch it on the big screen, wait for the dvd-rips. Not worth it. 5/10 for Megan Fox's hotness and fancy special effects.
P.S. Isabel Lucas can't act or it could be just me thinking of her in home&away too much. Not too sure.