Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet Snowflake!!!!

Weee, I got pictures of my baby bunny!!! I get to pick it up on Friday morning (2nd Jan)!! I can't wait!! Gonna go shopping for the rest of the bunny accessories today!! It looks like a white rabbit at the moment, but as it gets older the nose and the ears will get slightly greyer. It looks like it has blue eyes!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone

At Robbie's house, it's a hungarian tradition to open pressies on Christmas Eve. But before all that...I had to work in the morning until 1pm and right after work we had a Christmas Lunch and ate KFC and miss maud sandwiches. Took a couple of funny work pics and had a secret santa gift exchange. I got a ratatoulie DVD and Robbie got a torch.

For dinner, we ate hungarian food at Robbie's and opened presents!!!!!! Look at all the presents under the tree! It was very exciting!@! I got a rayban sunnies!!! new clutch/bag, chocolates, top, braclet, key holder and perfume!!

After Dinner, Weif was chucking bbq at her house which was pretty awesome :)!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Elephant pin cushion

Need a new pin cushion? Just use an old soft toy and voila!!

Snowflake notebook

From the limited craft materials I have available in my home on Christmas Island, I have made a rainbow notepad!! The cover is made from scraps of leftover gift wrap, decorated with snowflakes punched out from coloured pieces of paper. The rainbow coloured paper were connected by red ribbons.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008


YAY!!!!!!!!, finally I fed the inner travelling bug and rid the envy of others going on holidays!!!

I have just booked a flight from Perth to Sydney!! For 5 days, 4 nights!! Feb 18 - 22nd!!! The initial booking showed no more cheap flights on the return, and then an error occurred and I had to re-book my flights all over again and THEN THE CHEAPS FLIGHTS SHOWED UP!!! how lucky am i???? woot saved myself $$124 yayy!! Will be meeting up with ROBEROO<3 and coming back on the same flight ^^; I am so very excited!! It will be the first time going to the eastern states!!! First holiday with Robbie tooo!! ^^;

Sunday, December 07, 2008


I read naruto manga on http://www.onemanga.com/ and he has an adorable little frog coin purse called GAMACHAN!!! It's so damn cute, so I purchased one off ebay. I can't wait for its arrival!!! I usually chuck all my coins at the bottom of my bag because my wallet doesn't hold many!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mavis' Amateur Bikini Guide 2008!

I spotted a bikini guide on ninemsn and I thought it’d be a fun idea to make one myself.
Behold, Mavis’ Amateur Bikini guide 2008.

1. They say every girl should own a LBD (Little black dress) and this can also be applied to bikini-wear. I shall call it the LBB (Little black bikini).

2. For the not-so-bulimic, above average, curvy mamas, you could try a sexy one-piece, accentuating the cleavage area.

3. Apple Bottoms? No worries, go for something a bit darker, also try smaller bottoms rather than large, because it will give the illusion of a greater surface area.

4. Winter fat causing you not the hit the beaches? Ease your way into summer with a sexy tankini!

5. Boob-less much? Get some padded bikinis or one that provides a lift/support which can really add some volume to that flat chest of yours. That or breast implants.

6. Large breasts? Flaunt it, cause we’re all envious :P Halter necks are flattering for the boobilicious. Or anything really.

7. Looking for some curves? Add some ruffles or bow ties to the bikini bottoms. Giving the appearance of wider hips. Or add some fries to your meal.

Tip for Summer: why not get an adorable looking kaftan for when you get out of the water for some fish and chips and some fresh air.

Thanks for reading! Pictures courtesy of google.com and Divalookbook.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fairy lights galore

Mumsy bought me some fairy lights, I think they were homemade for the Hari Raya season. Now I can decorate my baby tree for Christmas :D Rainbow butterflies and green bumble bees!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Daddy's shoes

Cheap laboured, China-made, highly over-priced ($73), reef labelled sandals.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Smiley face in sky 2

Looks like Venus and Jupiter are starting to make their move on the crescent shaped moon !! Can you spot the elongated smiley face, hopefully by tomorrow they will rotate closer together and look more like a smiley face :D This is outside my house on the island!!


Omg, read this article:

Nov 30, 2008

On Monday night Venus, Jupiter and a three-day-old crescent Moon, will appear as a smiley face above the western horizon.

How awesome is that? planets aligned in the shape of a smiley face!!! Hopefully I will be able to catch a glimpse of it!!

Fabric painting

I am stuck on my precious island home, with no friends and super slow internet. I am so bored and I have 2 weeks left to survive! Desperates means has lead to desperate measures so I was rummaging through my old junk and I discovered A FABRIC PAINTING KIT that I'd received for Christmas quite a few years ago. The paint was basically all dried out so I added some water to try and revive it. Here is my attempt to paint on fabric:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mike and Ike's

After watching this horrible youtube video (because it's super annoying) from Mad Tv - can I have ur number There was a bit where Darrel asks the lady, "Do you like Mikeandikes?" and I always wondered what he meant by that...I was thinking of nike shoes tbh but me and Robbie saw Mike&Ike's at the Reject shop and thought we'd try it out and DAMN IT'S DELICIOUS!!!
We had the Zours version, there are quite a few types. A-Must-Try!!


While me and Rob were driving back home on Friday night from utopia, we spotted a car crash on Murdoch Dve just near the police station and SJOG hospital. Rob was like, "Let's have a look, see if we can give them a hand" and there was a lady that was crying and the two little kids like age 1- 2 and she was shouting, asking us to take her kids and look after them so rob picked one up and this other guy that was there picked the other one up. There was another car that had come to help, they called the ambulance and the police. The lady had crashed into a power line pole thing and it had bent inwards and one of the wires was hangin really low so it was quite dangerous. The lady was like, Don't call the cops, they'll put me in jail and take aaway my babies! She had sprained or injured her ankle pretty badly and she couldn't walk. The cops came first and they used a breath analyser thingo and she wayy over the limit and she didn't have her license, soo it was pretty bad! Fortunately no one was severely injured and the ambulance came to take her to the hospital. The kids were sooo cute!! The one that rob was holding had really taken a liking to him and when the nurse tried to take her off him, she was like hugging rob really tight and she cried and kicked and screamed :D That was our excitement for the night!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rabbit update

Unfortunately, Sunshine's anticipated birth didn't produce any orange offsprings so I've decided to get a frost-point bunny instead. The frost point means that the extremes (points) of the body i.e. nose, ears, feet and tail are coloured by a bluey-grey colour while the rest of the body is cream/white.


I will be able to pick up the bunny around January the 9th but will know closer to the date! :D I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY RABBIT!!!

Danni's 21st

So the plan was to spend the day at the beach for Danni's 21st but Jana rang up and told us it would be raining when it was clear blue skies where we were at. "Change of plan, guys," instead we were going to have a picnic inside Jana's house! Danni asked for penis-related gifts so me and Robbie purchased 'Jelly willies' which is like gummy jelly penises that actually taste quite nice despite its penis-shape.

Laura bought a candle that lit up green! She thought it would change colours but it didn't. Danni's boyfriend was working that day but he came for lunch and surprised her. He gave her a ticket to Phuket for ten nights! How exciting, I think everyone else was more excited than her though, haha.

Anyways it turned out that it wasn't going to rain and the skies were bluer than ever, so we headed to hilaries for fish and chips and checked out the boats. It was nice and sunny, and we fed the seagulls some chippies!

After some fun in the sun, we went back to Jana's and sucked some helium :D. Here's laura singing a song:

Cupcakes in the city

Monday, November 17, 2008

Roses are red

Violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you....

but the roses are wilting and the violets are dead, the sugar bowl's empty and so is your head.
Mmm..yes..random poem I remembered, on another note, my rose bushes have been blooming and I thought I'd take a picture of em'.
Above we have my big fat red roses, they are really huge! Seriously!! and below is my pinky orange roses and a pink rose bush as well. At Fel's house the other day, I saw one of my favourite roses. It's called 'Double Delight' because it has a stunning pink and white mix as well as its delightful scent! She also has a yellow and red mixed rose which was quite interesting because there was one that was all yellow with one red petal!!
Along with the beauty of the rose, it also has its medicinal purposes.
The herbal side of roses:
  • Rose petals are used as tea leaves to treat sore throats and used as an ingredient in many cold syrups
  • Roses have antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, and antispasmodic qualities
  • Lotions and creams made with roses have is good for anti-aging, dry or inflammed skin
  • Rose essential oil is used for treatment of anxiety and depression

My big fat red rose in a bottle.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A trip to Mundaring

No, this entry has nothing to do with Lil' Caesars as much as I would like to gulp down a dessert pizza... Ok I lied, we tried going there but it didn't open til 4pm so we went home..

But before all that... MY RABBIT TRIP TO CHECK OUR BABY BUNNIES!!!! with Robert and Felicia!! So I finally get to check out my baby bunnies, after a handful of emails, but they didn't have any orange babies in the litter, so I'm waiting for the next lot of kits to arrive and hopefully there will be some orange babies!@!

This is me and a black bunny! The lady was really nice, I got to hold an even smaller bunny earlier and she kept giving me bunnies to hold and pet and take pictures of :D. Apparently the majority of the minilops in WA are all hers! She bred dwarf lops and the smallest of the lot was bred together and so on and so forth.

This is robbie with the black bunny, isn't he adorable! This was was ready to go, it's 8 weeks old, but I didn't want a black one, although it was so obedient and cute!!
If you lie a bunny straight on its back, you can put it in a trance, I've never seen this done before but the lady was showing us with another bunny. What you do is you hold its head firmly and lay it on its back and stroke its tummy and it will just lay there very still. She told us that with some bunnies, they would be so deep in a trance that you could perform procedures on it.
Another picture of bunny on its back.

I love this picture, the ears of the lop are the custest feature!

Felicia's rabbit doesn't like being held and the lady gave her some tips on how to handle the rabbit and train it to be obedient, etc. (Fel in a pen!)

Orange butteryfly babies!!! I WANTTT!!! but they were already reserved. She had 39 bookings and 20 rabbits to sell haha. The white bunny with the black ears and eyes and nose is because she bred two butterfly bunnies together.

Black butterfly bunnies!!! how cute! it's like the bunny version of dalmations!

Ahhh, not only did the rabbit lady have bunnies, she also had different breeds of cats (British shorthair, scotish fold, ragdoll, can't remember the rest) as well as these chickens that had the prettiest feathers. She had a puffy chicken and this other one that looked all puffed up, didn't take pictures, but it was really cute.

Kitten litter, how tiny are they?

This is one of my favourite pictures, they are so photogenic, such a kodak moment. It'll make a great calender pic! They all have blue eyes!! (Ragdoll kittens)