Friday, December 29, 2006

The adventures of Adventure world

4 days to New years and I spent a lovely Thursday with rob and Rob o.O. rob's friend from nsw had came to visit. Got pickd up around 11am and headed to adventure world which is surprisingly close to mines, bout 5 or so minutes. The first ride was the racing cars and guess what, I didn't wear closed in shoes, Bahhh how gay.. however it lookd like the boys were having fun, took a few pics on robs fone. :)

Then sorta walked around and checkd out the "tomb raider" we could hear screams and we're thinkin ..meh how scary can it be :P but it was better than i expected..we stood in a line and had our hands on the shoulder of those in front of us..there was this rail thingo and they had trippy lights that spun around and made everyone dizzy.. not sure if the rail moved or if it was just in our heads. I was at the end of the line and these creepy "monsters" kept following me and hissing in my ear...eep ...haha thats was sorta fun..

The super six, the mega long wet slide ride looked awesome, however the line was just as long so we decided to resort to the pool, which felt nice since it was a pretty hot day. After drying off, we went thru skull rock..which led to the koala kingdom, but before that we had some candy cane, yummy! the koala kingdom was pathetic, it was like one tree and four koalas...kingdom my ass.. =]

Went past the kiddie corner, their rides lookd fun...Sat on two typa boat rides which was really fun, a paddling boat and bumper boats !!! its funny to see the lil kids that cant steer the boats and couldnt come back ..haha.. or they like spun around in circles..

Last ride, the chair lift, lol..coz was checkin if the super six line was still long,,.. AND it was.. these kids going past us were laughin n laughin (while we were on the chair lift) ...and me n rob was just lookin at them, and theyre like..." we threw a piece of wood and it hit someone on the head" lol..kids.. we wanted to spit on people .. :P

And then came the end of our adventure at adventure world, didn't sit on any scary-looking rides, and the lines were super long, overally a fun day :) had chicken treat potato bites n chicken twists on the way home.

so thats all. Twas a fun day :).

Monday, December 25, 2006

A night to remember

What a beautiful night it was. :D
Spent xmas eve at Robs.
Game of xbox whilst waiting for the sun to go down a bit so we could have a lovely candlelit dinner. ROB cookd dinner for meee, how sweet! Had yummy crumbed chicken and mash potatoes and trumpet ice cream for dessert! Followed by a xmen movie session :D and glowstick fun!
Rob gave me a lovely matching necklace and bracelet for xmas :D totally love em'.
Had an absolute ball!
Definetly, a night to remember.
Merry xmas yall. <3

Friday, December 22, 2006


I have officially joined the Train Tracks Gang =E HEhehhe...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Whole bunch of random stuff ...

Me n rob went pet shop hunting... well two pet shops... i want a rabbit next year I WANT A DWARF LOP look at their ears soooo cuteeee!!!! its like saying "take mee homeeee" Bahhh i wantt!

My 800 dollar dent that i crashed last year and have been lazy to fixed has been fixed bout a year and 7 months later :D


Spanking-New XD~

Watched Eragon last night, from some young adult fantasy book; not too bad i spose :D there was some funny bits :D



Ever wanted to be older? younger? another race? or a cartoon character? well this site makes ur fantasies come true lol! check it out

http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e113/robrahman/lol1.jpg <--- RObert hehehe

Oakley Designer Glasses, Oh-so-expenso but Oh-so-prettio XD (didnt buy them, just saw em on ebay)

Other links..for the bored

http://img59.echo.cx/img59/2305/incoming5xr.jpg Cute bby

http://weebls-stuff.com/toons/The+Poo+and+Wee+Song/ Poo n Wee song

http://www.tongcom.co.kr/dingani_13.htm <== CLICK MERRY XMAS EvERYONE

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Triple R day

The first R is for Robbeh, my beloved Robbeh whom I went shopping with todayyy, ^^ went to the ct...

What I did today.
  • Played Guitar Hero at JBhifi with Bob
  • Beat Rob in some racing game on psp :)
  • Visited new supre shop open in the city
  • Bought Rainbow slushis TWICE (so hot today)
  • saw my beautiful white Rabbit that im planning to get
  • ROBBEH GAVE ME A GORGEOUS BRACELET!! earli xmas pressie WOot! :D <3

1. R for Robert <3

2. R for Rainbow slushi <3

3. R for Rabbit


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tree is up

Christmas is near and I suppose it is time to get into the christmas spirit, so I went to the nearest Red Dot store to purchase my oh so lovely christmas tree! I didn't want anything dramatically big and the tube that the tree came in looked like a reasonable size, however as I unpacked the tree, I realised IT WAS FUGIN TINY!!! I was thinking...this tree is pathetically small, but I decided to decorate it anyways and place it on woodstove. Yes, thats right I HAVE A CHIMNEY so santa can climb down my chimney and hand me my presents!! mUAHuahhahha... though it'd have to be a rather skinny santa. I heard they might change the way santa looked because he portrayed a rather unhealthy character which I think is a shame.. a skinny santa is never gonna pull it off.

Ahh...for those of youse that read KarenChengs Blogs, DO YOU LIKE MY LAYOUT!? hahaha...inspirational indeed^^, coincidently my xmas tree came with my favourite colored decos, blue tinsels and baubles. All it was missing was a star, so I awoken out the creativity beast sleeping within and got out the artsy crafty stuff and made my own homemade star! ISN'T IS BEAUTIFUL!?!
Christmas is followed by the new year, which means new years resolutions! What's your new years resolution??
Well just wanna wish everyone a
'Merry Christmas and a Festive New Year!'
Have a good one, and take care of yourselves! <33>

My mini tree^^

Monday, December 04, 2006


Had yummy dimsum today at EMPEROR'S COURT for those of youse that didn't remember the name of the place! Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the rest of the day! SORRY! I hope u had a special one agnes! AND I OWE U UR PRESENT BECAUSE I FORGOT TO BRING IT BAHHHH!!!

Please read Kahsean's and HuoyMin's blog for more detail.

p.s. dim sum aint dim sum without egg tarts and squid tentacles XD


Lovin' it.

Where the hood at



It was a Wednesday and there had been like two dmx ticket giveaway competitions that I had entered previously and the third one had just came out the other day and I was like bahh..not gonz win anyways so I didn't bother entering it, THEN I GOT A MESSAGE FROM THIS GUY FROM DESI (indian society holdin the competition which tarun persuaded me to join at udub open day) SAYING I WON A DOUBLE PASS TO THE DMX CONCERT!!!!

Mmyess...so I already promised to take Rob because he entered the competition too and whoever wins take the other soo yesterdayy...went to metros city to see DMXxxx......
The desi guy calld saying I was to collect the tickets at the door and askd if I had any questions and since daylight saving had just start at 3am on a Sunday, I wasn't sure what time the show started...but yeah it was ...at 8 (but 7 oldtime hehe), the sun was like still out felt so weird!

At the start there was like not very many people and it slowly started to fill up until like the second and third floor was also packed with people (which was initially closed off). There was other lil' side supporting people before DMX actually went on stage...he didn't get on until like 10:40pm.

I only know like 4 or so of his songs o.O but hey a free ticket is a free ticket! It costed 90bucks at the door ! but the normal tix are like 83 so yeah... the ladder type thing at the side of the stage...he started climbing up that and everyone was like w.t.f. and he started singin from up there Lol that was pretty cool...and some girl grabbed and kissed his bald head! Um other things...he took some bottle of wine from the crowd and sipped it and passed it along...gross.. there was some pretty weird people standin in front of us... like really into the music n stuff o.O one probli popped a pill and fully singing and the other guy was nerdy and kept crossin his arms...representing...x... weirrrrrddddd...

The after party was at ruby room ahah, theres gon be like 1000 or so people turnin up there...funny...Ummm ..oh yeah everyone had their camera phones out filming it...so did rob which is where the pics are from..screens of the video haha ...my fone sucks..so left it in the cloakroom .. oh there was one song where he told ppl to light up the place with wateva they had (lighters, torches, phones, etc)...and it was prettyfull... yeah overally a good and fun night =D i kno rob enjoyed it ^^;

over n out...