Friday, December 29, 2006

The adventures of Adventure world

4 days to New years and I spent a lovely Thursday with rob and Rob o.O. rob's friend from nsw had came to visit. Got pickd up around 11am and headed to adventure world which is surprisingly close to mines, bout 5 or so minutes. The first ride was the racing cars and guess what, I didn't wear closed in shoes, Bahhh how gay.. however it lookd like the boys were having fun, took a few pics on robs fone. :)

Then sorta walked around and checkd out the "tomb raider" we could hear screams and we're thinkin ..meh how scary can it be :P but it was better than i expected..we stood in a line and had our hands on the shoulder of those in front of us..there was this rail thingo and they had trippy lights that spun around and made everyone dizzy.. not sure if the rail moved or if it was just in our heads. I was at the end of the line and these creepy "monsters" kept following me and hissing in my ear...eep ...haha thats was sorta fun..

The super six, the mega long wet slide ride looked awesome, however the line was just as long so we decided to resort to the pool, which felt nice since it was a pretty hot day. After drying off, we went thru skull rock..which led to the koala kingdom, but before that we had some candy cane, yummy! the koala kingdom was pathetic, it was like one tree and four koalas...kingdom my ass.. =]

Went past the kiddie corner, their rides lookd fun...Sat on two typa boat rides which was really fun, a paddling boat and bumper boats !!! its funny to see the lil kids that cant steer the boats and couldnt come back ..haha.. or they like spun around in circles..

Last ride, the chair lift, lol..coz was checkin if the super six line was still long,,.. AND it was.. these kids going past us were laughin n laughin (while we were on the chair lift) ...and me n rob was just lookin at them, and theyre like..." we threw a piece of wood and it hit someone on the head" lol..kids.. we wanted to spit on people .. :P

And then came the end of our adventure at adventure world, didn't sit on any scary-looking rides, and the lines were super long, overally a fun day :) had chicken treat potato bites n chicken twists on the way home.

so thats all. Twas a fun day :).

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Robbbbb said...

The Racing cars was funnnn
And the Lara Croft thingo was pretty cool. So many guys followed you haha :D
And that walkway rockeeedddd :]
I had an awesome timeeee