Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pussycat Dolls & Lady Gaga @ Burswood Dome

Went to the Pussycat Dolls concert last night, we got some 'sitting' tickets because all the good standing ones were gone and decided our legs would be sore or we wouldn't be tall enough to see stuff anyways. This is the view we got for $140 bucks. They were ants.

Yuehlai & I - can you feel the excitement?

Yen hiding, Yuets and Adam

Us putting our feet up before people came and sat in front of us :(

Lady Gaga opened the show and man is she a odd one. Below is one of her speeches she did before singing a slower version of poker face.

"Have you ever loved something so much you told a tiny little lie. A negative truth. And you believed and you loved your new inventions so deeply, you would kill to make it true. Your visualisation, your futurisation, your self-masturbation. It's all you have so honour it. Some say Lady Gaga is a lie. And they are right, I am a lie and everyday I kill to make it true."

I think I can hear myself in this random youtube post I happen to come across. I am saying wtf^^ after the words 'visualisation'. What a coincidence to watch this particular video.

LadyGaga & her odd costume

One of the pussycat dolls were missing that night, Jessica had to return to US due to a back injury. The other four appeared on the stage on motorbikes. They had really sparkly clothes and Nicole's voice was really strong. Some of the songs weren't that good probably because I didn't know them but I think the night ended well with Don't cha, Jai-Ho and When I grow up.

There were fireworks and bright lights.
Have a look at all the camera & phone lights

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guess where I'm off to this Saturday...

Weeeeeeeee~! To get into the spirit of the dolls&Gaga show, I'm going without pants.

A helping hand to heating the home

Everdure Ceramic Tower Heater

Finally got a heater for my freezing cold house. Not sure how I've survived without one, I do have a tiny one in the bathroom but usually just put on a heap of clothes and eat and sleep. It's a ceramic heater so it heats up instantly and also oscillates and blows it everywhere. Loving it!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet my occasional pet 'Tommy'

Tommy taking a nap in the backyard

Let me introduce to you 'Tommy' my occasional pet. What is with the word occasional? Well, every now and then I get a visit from this black and white cat whom I've named Tommy. Ok, it's not my cat...but it comes over so often it might as well be, right? (I have no idea who it belongs to)

The Pros&
Cons of having an occasional pet



  • Don’t need to buy cat food
  • Don’t need to clean kitty poop
  • Don’t need to have responsibilities.
  • Short term and Cheaper than having a pet cat.
  • Don’t need to deal with the loss of the animal
  • No fur accumulation
  • No scratched furniture

  • It doesn’t come when you call its given name
  • It runs away from you in fact
  • Only get to see it occasionally
  • Don’t get to play with it

It seems the pros outweigh the cons, ahh having an occasional pet cat is better than having the real thing. I'll just need to teach it to come to me..Do you have an occasional pet?

Tommy running away from me trying to take a picture

Tommy sitting on the fence, afraid to jump into the neighbors yard because they have a dog.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Western meets Asian wedding

haha i love the stubby holders

On Saturday I attended Alvina's wedding which was held at Sandalford Wines which is in Caversham. The ceremony was held out in the open, on Merlot Lawn and it was rather sunny! They provided the guests with some pretty asian umbrellas to shade them from the heat.

The bride was wearing the traditional white dress of the Western culture whilst a tea ceremony was conducted. Usually a tea ceremony is held at the bride's house and then again at the groom's place but this was a little different, the outdoors of a winery.

Another occurence that wasn't of the norm was the lion dance performance that took place after the tea ceremony. I love watching the lion dance because it's been awhile since I've watched one. Ang pao giving also occured and some of the guests were given ang paos to place in the lions' mouth.

After the ceremony, there was pre-dinner drinks served at the restaurant of the Sandalford wines. There was also little pastry appetisers that was yum! One in particular tasted like tuna, and everyone else thought so too (NOT JUST ME) however it turned out to be chicken and leek. It sure as hell smelt like tuna!

Dinner was a buffet-style meal with a mix of asian and western food to suit the guests! I was placed with most of Alvina's classmates so I was the youngling of the group :P. They were really nice though.

In the middle of the table, a big bouquet of flowers were placed and one person out of every table gets selected to take the centrepiece home and I was the chosen one!! However, I left earlier and I decided not to carry a huge flower vase out the door and gave it to the girl sitting next to me! If you look closely at the table image, there are silver triangles scattered everywhere. THEY'RE CHOCOLATES!!! how cool is that? edible table decos!! Near the end of the night, there was no more silver decos! haha.

You wouldn't guess who I saw at the wedding...Mrs DAWSON!!!! Does anyone remember her?? Deputy Principal and her click clock heels!!! A pic of her dancing the night away hehe...

The photobooth sure was popular with everyone. Alvina told us that she paid 1500 for it and everyone could take unlimited photos and it prints out two copies of 4 pictures and you get to keep one and you can stick the other one in the guest book. But you can take as many as you like!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Sausage Spaghetti bolognese

What I had for dinner

Gold Snakeskin Heels

Seriously, everytime I try something on from Forever New and decide to get it 'next time' it bloody disappears!! I tried on these gold snakeskin heels one lunch time at Garden City (I should not go out during my lunch breaks) and the next week BAM! they're gone! Anyhoos, I thought I'd try carousel instead and see if they had any in stock and they recommended me to go back to Garden City! Blehhh! I thought I'd try my luck again at Garden City, and they had one left in my size that the mannequin was wearing. Apparently, they weren't allowed to take stuff of the mannequin because it's like all coordinated with all the other stores or something orather! But the lady was nice and said she'll switch em with a tener and hope the boss doesn't see or that I forced her into changin them heels..! Long story short, I GOT MY GOLD SNAKESKIN HEELS WOOHOO!!!!! Gonna wear them with my black dress this Friday for the Uni Pubcrawl :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cupcakes from scratch

Ahh, I don't have an electric mixer! I mixed it myself and damn my arms are sore! Anyhoos, I got this recipe from Jia's Mum! Just simple butter cupcakes that I like. Here's the recipe!

Butter Cupcakes!

Makes 12

Ingredients :
6 oz Self Raising Flour
6 oz Margarine
6 oz Sugar
3 eggs

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Line 12 cup muffin tins with cupcake paper.

Cream the butter and sugar until fluffy.
Add the eggs one at a time and mix well.
Add the flour.
Spoon cupcake mixture into cupcake liners.
Bake for 25 minutes or until cake tester is clean.
Cool for 15 minutes before icing.

Icing sugar and margarine & Colour of choice
Mix until creamy.
Place on cupcake!

Enjoy & Happy Mother's Day!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Cute Little Dresses

I bought two new dresses last week and I think they're very adorable! The Blue dress is from Dotti and it was on sale for $49.95, RRP $69.95! It also comes in cream or silver. The Black dress on the right with the long drape down the middle, I saw it on my lunch break one week at Forever New and was going to go back for it and I couldn't find it!!! I went back again last week and there was one left hidden in the corner of the shop, in my size! It was meant to be, hey. Let's call it fate!!

What I love about the black dress is that it gives me an ass! Coz' I ain't got none!
Also, the blue dress has pockets! Which is a bit different!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My new blog

I've created a new blog here,so I can write all my craft stuff there instead of clogging up this one. Although I tend to go through phases where I really get into something and then stop. We'll see how it goes :)

Apple Cherry Jeans

Don't you just love it when you check your mail box and find a parcel in there?!!! My Apple Cherry rubber stamps from Japan/Ebay has arrived!! Hurray!! I don't really care about the apple but I thought I could use the cherries as blueberries! Haven't thought of anything fancy for my label just yet, so made a quick one to stick on the back of the card I've made!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Butterfly Swirl - Congratulations card

First card made with my new Butterfly Swirl Stamp it Stamp! :D I think the red ribbon adds the finishing touch to it. I really need a guillotine, can't cut straight!!

Stamp it - Victoria Park

Stamp-it, 256 Albany Highwa, Victoria Park

Stamps section

Variety of paper selection

Finally after a week of test&assignments, I got to visit the Stamp-it store located in Victoria Park. The place is huge! They've got everything craft related, I never knew there were so many craft things! I ended up buying:
  • An unmounted Butterfly Swirl Stamp
  • An medium-sized acrylic block
  • Aqua-colour stamp pad
  • Teal-coloured A4 card
There are a large amount of mounted and unmounted stamps available at the store. The usually wood-mounted stamps cost a few dollars more than the unmounted. The unmounted stamps come with a clingy back and you can stick it to an acrylic block and remove it as well. It's fairly straight forward and saves you a couple of dosh.

I'm planning on making a wedding card for a wedding I'm attending next weekend. Nothing too fancy, just excited about using my new butterfly stamp! This is a fairly expensive hobby!

I'm eye-ing the heat gun and embossing powders after watching this video on Elegant embossing: