Saturday, May 31, 2008

My little black vest

Perth Time Freeze

Awwww, missed out on the event! We were planning to go but it was pouring down like a bitch and rain, thunder and lightning the lot! We did end up going to the city though but it was too late! For those that don't know what Perth Time Freeze is, they get a whole lotta people to freeze at a specific location for like 5 minutes and they were aiming to beat the record of 3000 people. It's really funny because people that don't know about the event get confused when everyone is frozen! Read more about it here!

Here's the video from youtube, the little kid screaming is hilarious!!! Must've been scared because it saw everyone freeze at once. Poor kid now it's traumatised!! The London time freeze was pretty cool too!

The Perth Time Freeze was held on Forrest Chase at 12:00 to 12:05!

Ash's 21st

Last night, we went to a friend's 21st party. It was a 'Dress as a movie, tv show or cartoon character' theme and as I mentioned in an earlier post I bought a Supergirl costume off e-bay. It was held at a bowling club, and it was actually the function room at the back so we thought we were at the wrong place because there were normal-dressed people at the front and we were like Uhhhh.. NOT WALKING THROUGH THERE! Finally we followed these other dressed-up people who were just as confused as we were to the back where there was another door that lead to more dressed up people.

We saw some of our uni friends and I'm surprised to say the majority of people dressed up. I think there was like ONE GUY that didn't dress up and he looked like a party pooper :P. Even the adults that attended were dressed up, and her little niece as dorothy the dinosaur! Cute!

Highlights of the night
*when spiderman climbed on the roof
*The cupcake tower
*$1000 tab on the bar
*Prizes for best dressed (little medals, babywine and lollypops arranged as flowers)
*Slideshow of pictures on TV at the front

Best costumes I saw
*Uma Thurman from KILLBILL

Take a look at more pictures here.

Asian Supergirl

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Winnner winnerrr Chickenn Dinner

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The legend tells that years ago every casino in Las Vegas had a three-piece chicken dinner with a potato and a veggie for $1.79. A standard bet back then was $2, hence when you won a bet you had enough for a chicken dinner. !”
-Urban Dictionary.

Movie review 9/10
Pretty good movie. My typa stuff. It's a story about a bunch of kids from MIT that are really smart and are taught how to 'card count' and beat the game of blackjack. They go to Vegas and win shitloads of money. This is based on a true story :) (MIT Blackjack Team)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Introducing Ikea's apple slicer

The Apple Slicer: I've had this for awhile, just doesn't get used very often. Thought it looked pretty, that's a brown pear btw. It's only $4.50!

It's Business Time!

Sale? Nahh Don't think so.

Damn Scammers

I got a phone call yesterday exclaiming I had a recommendation from WEIS ...Sorry WHO?! Your friend, "WEIS KOK" OHhhhh KOK Oh yeah, I know her.

Lady: Yeah She was randomly selected to get this package, it's only for University students, it's $199 dollars for 14 tickets and with each ticket you can stay in any accommodation across Australia and New Zealand from 3 star to 5 star or $299 for 25 tickets. All we need is your credit card
(fuck off)
Me: Ohh um ok, where are you calling from?
Lady: Sydney, Oxford Street
(what the fuck, no company name whatsoever)
Me: Right, and how was my friend selected? Did she enter a competition or something?
Lady: No she was randomly selected
Me: From what?
Lady: She was randomly selected from the phonebook
(so how did she know weif was from University?)
Lady: I heard from your friend that you go on holidays regularly.
Me: no. not really
Lady: When was your last holiday, 6 months ago?
Me: no, back in 2005
Lady: How much did you spend on accomodation? 100? 200?
Me: It was free, we stayed at a friends
Me: Yeah anyways not interested
Lady: Why?
Me: no time
Lady: It lasts for two years
Me: no money
Lady: ok, bye

(By the way, it's some really fobby Chinese lady, SYDNEY MY-ARSE)

Anyhoos, time to ring up the kokster...
(phone rings)
Weif picks up: STARTS LAUGHING
Me: Uhhh what the fuck was that?? a prank??
Weif: no they rang me up first and i told them I had no credit card so I gave them your number

Weif: wtf I never said you went on holidays regularly..

Hmmm dodge!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull





2.5 stars/5
Not that great, what is with teh aliens dude. Not very realisitic...survive an atomic bomb explosion in a fridge?? Some really lame lines like :

Where are they going, Space?

No.. they are going to the space between spaces.

Karaoke - Annie are you ok

Instead of studying like a good girl would do, I went out on a Wednesday night. ARGHHH! Karaoke and BBT how could I say no? It was a last minute thing and it was heaps of fun! Gosh I love old songs like Spice girls and Nsync for example! and M2M - the day you went away, sure reminds me of the childhood days. (I sound so old when I say that!) mm.. enough time wasted, back to studying.


Unedited pic: Doesn't it look like heaven is shining down on us?

Messing around with photoimpression

A rose picked from my garden and placed on my lap.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Terrazza Cafe & Restaurant

Third time lucky? This is the second time Jia and I have tried to eat at Il Ciao's but I think we're just not destined to eat there!! First time we couldn't find it, second time... IT WAS FRGN CLOSED!! Anyhoos, we ended up at Terrazza Cafe & Restaurant instead and the food was alright, wasn't that great. Looked better on the menu.

This is what I had.

BRUSCHETTA (2 slices)...................................
Fresh Tomato, Basil, Onion and Olive Oil on Garlic Bread

GRILLED SPANISH CHICKEN....................
Half deboned marinated Spring chicken served with our own
Spanish glaze, fresh Garden salad and fries

Doesn't it sound spectacular! But yeah I've had better :) Ended up going shopping at Habour Town and Jia got new boots which came with a free pair of uggs and we got matching dresses that were on sale!! Nothing like Retail Therapy!!

MIS Pub Crawl 08

On friday night I went on my first Pub Crawl! :D It was organised by the people in my course, Medical Imaging. First stop, Waterford Tavern at Karawarra :) I was DD for the night but just had a girly drink at the start with my token. The first place was awesome because everyone was just catching up and talking and then we went on the bus and it was sooo much fun! Everyone was standing up and dancing and singing along to the songs on the bus.

Next stop we went to Paddy's and ...OMG...i'm an idiot...I forgot my ID...OF ALL THINGS!!! So taxi-ed it back with robster to waterford to get my ID from my car haha. We managed to arrive back in time and it was alright, not the best place. Then we headed to Eurobar and we stayed there the longest because we had two tokens each. Took heaps of pictures!

The next pub we went to ..was the crappiest out of all the places. The rock. It had gay music from some band and it was really small. The only thing that was alright at that place was a little arcade game thing that had mario and space invaders but it was really old and didn't work properly.

I think the best place was the deen and it was our last stop! The music was good and it was much bigger and had more atmosphere! After the deen, we went to a kebab place near Timezone for pizza and kebabs. Omg, that place rocks! It has really loud music and a disco ball and people were dancin and the counter person shouts "NUMBER 24444" like I'm in a game show or something! haha. We went to Timezone but didn't end up playing any games and decided to call it a night. Enough excitement for one night, drove everyone home and went to bed. Zzzzzz..

Friday, May 16, 2008

World's most obese man strives to become Man who'll losemost weight

This guy, Mr Uribe, has lost 235 KILOS!! (He's still 335kg)
One inspirational story, he plays to lose 120 kg by 2010. His wife left him two years ago but NOW HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! :O
"I was impotent before, but now everything's working again. Ask my girlfriend," he said happily, his Guinness World Records certificate hanging on the wall." Amazing!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Jia intro-ed me to an online clothing shop...uh oh!ISN'T THAT SHIRT JUST SO ADORABLE?!? I WANT!!

Christina Re

I'm so in love with Christina Re designs and products. I saw them at Garden City News(agent). Visit Christina Re's site ! It has lots of really crafty ideas for cards, invitations and all things crafty. You can even download projects and photocopy them onto Christina Re papers! I like the PROJECT 3: FLOWER BONBONIERE BOX one.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Little Birthday Girl

Moni's birthday is on Monday but she had a little party at Tropical Twist on Saturday. She got heaps of snazzy lil' gifts from her friends ranging from books to bags (And barbies, and cool toys and tents and textas and ponies) and A BEAD SET WHICH IS LIKE WHAT I BOUGHT FOR HER :( I gave her present today and she told me she loves it, so hopefully she does! She's so adorable ! I also gave her some springy rings with glitter all over them! I miss being little!

Under the weather

I've gotten the cold!!! oH HOW HORRIBLEEE!!! WHINGE* WHINE* :<
I had a sore throat before but honey water miraculously works! (thanks robbie)
All I want to do is snuggle up in bed and sleep. No uni for me tomorrow :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back to uni!

It's great to be back at Uni after 4 weeks of full time work!! It was rather tiring waking up at 6:20am everymorning although it has gone by quite quickly, I must admit. The last week for me was the best because it was lazy and I got to go up to theatre to see all that blood and gory and people getting cut up and camera's going down guts and gallbladders being cut away. AND I GOT TO PRESS THE BUTTON, yes! the excitement..4 years of Uni to be a button pusher!! Or photography as some would call it. Brought in a quiche lorraine and a wildberry baked cheesecake on the last day, kinda sad and happy to get away from it all.

UNI is boring as ever, talked the entire way through the lecture, don't know why I bother going. Just for the social aspect of things, speaking of which I still need to finish off my assignments..Hmmm ...enough procrastination...Back to work!

No more grills!

Ok, the top half anyways!! weeeeeeee~ it's so Smoooothhh!! have to get use to it!!


Snow Goggles!!
so purtyy!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008




I have a 10 page report to finish, 2 assignments, one due on Monday, the rest later in the week, a test to study for and yet I have decided to open a new ebay account. Go figure! AND made my first bid. Well technically, I didn't just make my account. I actually registered for it back in November 2006 but just didn't end up confirming my account! (2 years later and it's still there!!)

Things I have bidded for:

* Sexy Supergirl costume
* King Kong suit

lol..yes there is a dress-up party to attend and no it's not gettin' kinky in the bedroom ^__^

5 more hours!!