Sunday, March 30, 2008

There's no food like good food

I've been eating at robbie's alot these days, gotta find time to make my own food but his mum's cooking (& dad's cooking) is so delicious! :P Anyhoos just wanna say TACOS ARE YUM! and you should try and make it some time :) Easy to make, healthy and yummy ~

Also had a little BBQ today. Hot dogs!! Just thought the picture was cute :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yuet's 19th and Adam's Pilates Party :P

From left to right: Weif, Adam, Rob & Yen

For Yuetsy's birthday we went to Bridge cafe to have modern asian food :) It was quite nice I must say, never been there before. I had lemon peppered squid with jasmine rice and salad. Anyhoos, dinner was wonderful except for the fact that we had to wait for SOMEONE that arrived 3 hours and 15 minutes late when everyone had already finished their food -___-" other than that it was a good outing.

SO the invitation says don't forget to bring your pilates gear for adam's pilates party...everyone took it as a joke EXCEPT FOR YENPOLE!!! She's soo cutE!!! haha.. so we went back to Adam's place and everyone was just listening to music or playin with Sachi (dog)! And then adam switches on some pilates video from youtube and a few of us were doing pilates Lol... (took a picture)!! Aren't they cute??

Happy Birthday Yuets :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm freee I'm freee

OMG! today i was trying to feed the budgies with my hand and likes i kinda scared it and one flew under my hand AND RIGHT OUT THE DOOOR!!! ARGHHH (bird cage door) so i'm like chasing it around the kitchen thinking *shit* *fuck* *oh no* wondering how in gods name am i gonna catch this birdy! and so it flies into the games room and *SMACK* into the window because they don't realise there's glass and thinks it can fly outside...so it finally lands on the ground and i slowly go up to it and wrapped my hands around it..and put it back in the cage :)

that's my story ...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

DIY French Manicure

Forget about expensive salon attending appointment booking fortune costing manicures when you can have these beauties for a bargain of a price of $2 measly dollars! Comes Pre-glued, so you just stick em' on, don't feel like wearing it anymore? Have a shower, and they'll come off easily! Or ten minutes in warm water. Where can you get them? Why, the reject shop of course!

Swimming II


Weeee~ ok finally got a pic of the pool! Isn't it gorgeous?? and that bed thing costed me 3 bucks from Crazyyy Clarks :D. Yesterday we went swimming and it's amazing how quick little kids learn to do things, like swim. I remember the first time we went swimming in the pool, Moni, Rob's little sister was afraid of putting her head under water or lying on her back and she couldn't float/swim and 2 weeks on, SHE CAN SWIM, like to the deep end and back :O we chucked her in the middle of the deep pool AND SHE DIDN'T DROWN!! fascinating stuff ..myesh I can't remember the first time I actually learnt swim.

Moni swimming

Monday, March 17, 2008


Ever since robbie got his pool nice and clean, we've been going swimming everyday for the past three days. It's so much fun :) Also, with my gym membership cancelled, swimming is a good form of exercise compared to my non-existant exercise! Bought an inflatable bed thing for like three bucks, really nice and relaxing.

(p.s. that's not a picture of his pool, but it's just as nice)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

New toys for my birdies!

Top Left->Right: bird bath with mirror, hangy basket balls with bell
Bottom Left->Right: wooden ladder and mirror with swinging bird and bell.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Peanut and Sky

Today was an exciting day for me!! First of all, went to pay for our airline tickets to LONDON AND PAREE!!!! ^^; Yay, it's finally gonna happen!! Also booked for a contiki tour and we're stopping in Dubai!! for transit! Excited!!

Second of all, after sending my stupid nokia phone 4 TIMES!!! to the repair centre and them sending it back telling me there's nothing wrong with it, when the screen was clearly fucked... THEY FINALLY BELIEVE ME and i got a brand new phone!! :) (same one, but this one works)

THIRDLY, which if you don't already know by now..u must be plain stupid!!! I GOT NEW BUDGIES!!!!! weeeeeee~Their names are Peanut and Sky, respectively. They don't like travelling very much so they had to be placed in these TEENY WEENY BOXES i felt so sad for them!! coz if they were going to travel in the cages they'll hurt their wings by flying around too much!! Anyhoos, bought a beautiful cage and some food for them :) !! I'm so in love with them, they're so gorgeous!!