Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm freee I'm freee

OMG! today i was trying to feed the budgies with my hand and likes i kinda scared it and one flew under my hand AND RIGHT OUT THE DOOOR!!! ARGHHH (bird cage door) so i'm like chasing it around the kitchen thinking *shit* *fuck* *oh no* wondering how in gods name am i gonna catch this birdy! and so it flies into the games room and *SMACK* into the window because they don't realise there's glass and thinks it can fly outside...so it finally lands on the ground and i slowly go up to it and wrapped my hands around it..and put it back in the cage :)

that's my story ...


Jia said...

Haha wtf! There's like no full stops in that so I kinda read it all in one breath (in my head, if you knwo what I mean), and when I got to the end of it I was like *phew!*

Haha I love it!

hm said...

haha i actually laughed when i read that ur budgie flew smack into the window :P coz my bro once did something similar by running into a glass door at home *SMACK BANG, fall down* HAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA