Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fel's 19th celebration

weee! me and the b'day girl!

we had a lil' bbq at heathcote with just a couple of friends. The weather was rather beautiful and the place was crawling with little kids. Pretty much just lazed around the whole day ..very relaxing =]

Cool as cubby house! wish i had one when i was a kid

This slide was fun!

After a very yummy hot dog with the very popular "mustard" being passed around, and a few satay chicken and beef and jelly and cupcakes and weifs beautiful choc cookies..(OH AND POTATO SALAD) (did i miss anything..)
we played around in the cubby house for a little while..feelin rather old when all these creatures a third of our size (maybe half of mine) ran around the place.

The girls cooking up a storm.

we decided to take a walk on the sand.. well we found a spot to sit anyways...

Random person's dog came and sat and played with us. (weif is so hot!)

Ahhh this adorable cockerspaniel came when his owner was on the mobile phone and we all patted its head and took pictures of it haha.

And me giving a big smile for the camera!

weee! mmyeshh then headed home ...end of daylight saving weee! t'was a good day!


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Akmal and subway


Me and Rob went to the akmal show, a comedian and some guy called Joel Ozborn.

We hadnt bought tickets but decided to turn up at the place and see if there was any tickets left! Saw rashmii twice today, once at uni and then she was at the show.

It was pretty good, my favourite bit was when some dickhead in the crowd kept talking and everyone tryin to tell the guy to "shut the fuck up"and the comedian was making fun of him and everyone laughs and akmal goes "comedian 1 fuckwit nil" yeh didn't expect that ...anyways the security came and took the guy away and everyone cheered. :)

ahh other funny bits that i cant remmeber...


weee! oh then we went to uni to eat subway.

The end.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Sunny Day

woke up bright and early this morning because me n rob had plannd to go to the sunday markets (the last time we went all the shops closed coz we went too late)

I thought JIA was selling stuff this week but as i found out laterrr ...its next sunday poo!
nehoos i bought heapsa lil junk weee!

What i bought;
  • BEADS (which i later created into a pair of earrings) $4.00 all together
  • two badges (for my new uni bag that rob bought me) $0.50 n $1.50
  • a hand-held mirror (with those chinese material design on it) $3.00
  • phone sock (for my new sexy phone (new number guys) ) $2.00ea
  • 4 Cupcakes (breaky) $3.50


Anyhoos after thatt...went home did laundry n shit and later rob came over and just watched tv ...

Went to get subway for dinner and decided to eat at the park at Uni..lol its prettyful...the one with the lake AND SO MANY DUCKS! they come waddling real close to ya' , almost touchd one but was too scared.. keke..

we were feeding the ducks some subway bread and there's like these other birds that wanna eat em too ..we were attracting a whole lot of em'! crows, magpies, uglies... keke..there was swans! but they didn't wanna eat our food.

Running around chasing the birds away weeee!

Then on the way home, ROB CHUCKD THE RUBBISH AT THE CROW (without intending to litter)...but it nickd it away and flew far far away up a tree. =[

and went to chuck the rest of the rubbish in the bin and in big bold writing


feeding ducks will make em' have
infant abnormality

Ahhh....something along those lines

yeahh so we mustv killd a few ducks = \ but doesn't everyone feed bread to birds?!?!?!

yup, that's my story!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Back to Uni dudes

Ahhh yesh...here we are all waiting for the year 2007 and the first week of uni just went past ...whoosh... right before my eyes..

weee! so how is everyone enjoyin the first week back to uni....
Well, it has been an alright week, got to play around with the xray machine, like move it around and stuff and had to look at dead bodies again in human biology..weee!

met a few new people but kept a few old friends.. mm watelse

what i have been up to:

  • sizzlers for adams bday (he's 18 weee!)
  • sat night; potblack arcade
  • cheap movies tuesdays
  • carousel
  • night shopping

4 more years at uni ..whoopidoo..
yesh..now we're all waiting for 2008

Have a good one, take kare n enjoy urselves with wateva ur doing.

-Mavis xx.