Saturday, March 03, 2007

Back to Uni dudes

Ahhh yesh...here we are all waiting for the year 2007 and the first week of uni just went past ...whoosh... right before my eyes..

weee! so how is everyone enjoyin the first week back to uni....
Well, it has been an alright week, got to play around with the xray machine, like move it around and stuff and had to look at dead bodies again in human biology..weee!

met a few new people but kept a few old friends.. mm watelse

what i have been up to:

  • sizzlers for adams bday (he's 18 weee!)
  • sat night; potblack arcade
  • cheap movies tuesdays
  • carousel
  • night shopping

4 more years at uni ..whoopidoo..
yesh..now we're all waiting for 2008

Have a good one, take kare n enjoy urselves with wateva ur doing.

-Mavis xx.


YuehLai said...

uni sucks..Soo much to do! blargghh!!

hm said...

argh uni

Robbbbb said...

love you
i had lotsa fun with youuu