Monday, December 21, 2009

Board Game night

Ahhh how I miss playing board games, monopoly, guess who, connect four to name a few. Last Friday, a friend was house sitting and decided to call some friends over and we ended up playing board games all night. We played Pictionary and Cluedo and a few card games. It was such a fun night that it inspired me to buy PICTIONARY MAN!! I've been seeing it on the ads recently and another friend also mentioned it to me.

I'm so in love with my Pictionary man, it was a little digital screen at the bottom that tells you what to draw and there's a rectangular and cicular prisms? which you may also use as props! Got to play it the other night and you can get really creative; for example Rob had the word 'thief' and he drew a table with an item and erased the item! (It uses a white board marker and cloth).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rudolph reindeer car costume

I've been looking everywhere for these damn ears and nose! I tried Kmart, Woolworths & the Reject shop. Nothing! I then saw a lady driving a car with these ears and ran towards her and asked her where she purchased them. From Thingz she told me! Hurrayyy! Have a good Christmas!! Xx

Friday, December 11, 2009

Online Shopping - it's addictive!

When it's too hot to go outside, just shop online...it's damn addictive. Lately I've been purchasing a lot of things from online stores and it kinda sucks because I just put it all on my debit card and not realise how much I've spent!

What I've purchased recently:

A few Threadless shirts because they had a sale the other day.

Hanging Hammock chair with Foot rest from DealsDirect.

Rabbit fence also from DealsDirect.

Peas in a pod (Popping edamame) keychain which can be found on ThinkGeek.com

And today I bought a swing not online but from Bunnings :)

Sportsgirl online store
has free shipping from 9th December to the 23rd of December.
Dealextreme another gadget online store also has free shipping.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Subi Street Festival 2009

My first time attending the Subi street Festival, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera, but there were markets and activities along most of Rokeby Road. There was a live band playing, dancing, stilt walkers, umbrella painting and a lot of stores selling all sorts of things! It was pretty festive and entertaining. I bought a pair of earrings which I am absolutely in love with from Neve&Sole!

Some of the other stores of interest (of which websites I've obtained) were:
Champ + Rosie
and Annelia Designs

Sunday, December 06, 2009

All I want for Christmas..

..is to eat chocolates at the beach!

It's that time of the year, setting up the Christmas tree! I bought some new rainbow tinsel with stars for my mini Christmas tree and replaced my handmade sequined star with a bright pink star ornament! Used my old blue baubles and bought some new clip-on butterflies to brighten up the tree! I used some jewellery gift boxes as mini presents for my mini tree and santa bear is protecting the presents.

-Edit 8/12/2009 8:41AM

I've added more decorations to the tree and I got a present from Tina! Went to Ikea yesterday and bought a toy rat for Snowflake. There are battery operated candles on the side which are great, it even flickers like a real flame.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fel's Tea Party!

Miniature treats, pretty cups and saucers and beautiful cupcakes for dessert pretty much described the wonderful tea party at Felicia's on Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday and everyone wore their favourite summer dresses and brought along their favourite teddy bears to celebrate. We spent a lovely afternoon sipping on tea, nibbling on food and chatted & laughed away.

I love the cupcake tower.
Yummy Strawberry&Cream Green tea & Strawberry babycake
These star decors lit up the atmosphere!

Fel's special loveheart shaped tea accessories! Very cute!

Cupcake tower view.

Kobe came along to join the fun

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I bought these orange lilies back in April-May but they wilted away because the weather was getting cooler. They completely disappeared for all of winter and just recently, in the last few weeks I noticed these random plants blooming and then.... MY FLOWERS RETURNED FROM THE DEAD!!!!

Pic 1 was taken when the second plant blossomed and Pic 2 was taken a day after!!!

My beautiful lilies!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The first coloursplash escapade

So this is my first attempt at using the Coloursplash Lomo, pretty happy with the outcome!

Most of the pictures were mainly taken at night and there's heaps of pictures of me =\. Will try more daytime pictures and of structures and stuff later. I must also learn how to use the long exposure function a bit more.

Long exposure with blue filter

Long exposure with pink filter


first loveheart attempt!

I was trying to stand within the loveheart

I can't remember what I did with this picture.

The red filter is overpowering! Red Snowflake


I'm so yellow

Dark blue

Me acting like a dork

Have a look at some of the light painting that this guy does on flickr: here. It inspired me and Robbie to create the loveheart and fireball holding piccies!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Coloursplash Lomo

Coloursplash Lomo Camera

Robbie bought me a coloursplash lomo today! How exciting! I haven't used a film camera for years! I'll get to wind up my film when it finishes! Basically it comes with a colourwheel with different coloured filters which you can use to paint your picture a different colour! It has a normal exposure as well as a long exposure option to create a blurred background with a sharp foreground.

I love the packaging!

The back of the box.

I can't wait to develop my film! The coloursplash lomo also came with a coloursplash chakras book!

Images from Pigeonhole.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Australian Surf Warehouse Sale!

I meant to be saving up for my trip to New Zealand in February, but how could I resist Perth's biggest surf clearance sale with 50-80% off all major surf labels! It was located at the old IKEA place.

Kaftan $35, RRP $69.95

Rainbow boardies $25, RRP $49.95

Big bag $20, RRP $39.95

As you can see, I bought three items; a kaftan dress, boardies and a bag. I wanted to get new bathers but they didn't seem to have very many and they were all very ugly. Pretty happy with my purchases. Robbie bought a shirt, shorts and shoes! I don't have an image of the shorts though.

Zoo York shirt $35, RRP $69.95

DC Shoes $65, RRP $130

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let's go Shopping!

Speaking of shopping in the city, the new shopping mall that has opened (ok not that new anymore) next to Hardy Brothers on Hay Street in the city looks damn flashy. I especially love the fancy spoon flower in the food court at the Asian Food outlet.

Phi Yen

Flower Spoons Decor

Also a new Wittner shoe store has recently opened in Garden City Shopping centre near the Boost juice kiosk. If you love shoes, you'll love this shop!

Images from Wittner

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Factorie - Carillion City

I went to the city with Robbie today to look for the shop Pigeonhole however it is closed on Sundays! Whilst window shopping, we found this shop called Factorie - it's probably been there for awhile but I just saw it today.. but you can get pretty casual colourful tees for $14.95 for guys and girls! Great for Summer! I decided to get some for Mum since her birthday is coming up!

Vampire Tee

Night Owl Tee

Geisha Family Tee

It even came with an environmental friendly bag! If you want to check out more of their products, go on the Factorie Website.


53 & 54 Carillon City 207 Murray St
Perth 6000