Sunday, October 25, 2009

Factorie - Carillion City

I went to the city with Robbie today to look for the shop Pigeonhole however it is closed on Sundays! Whilst window shopping, we found this shop called Factorie - it's probably been there for awhile but I just saw it today.. but you can get pretty casual colourful tees for $14.95 for guys and girls! Great for Summer! I decided to get some for Mum since her birthday is coming up!

Vampire Tee

Night Owl Tee

Geisha Family Tee

It even came with an environmental friendly bag! If you want to check out more of their products, go on the Factorie Website.


53 & 54 Carillon City 207 Murray St
Perth 6000


Jia said...

Omgosh I want!!

suzie wuzie said...

oh didn't know that pigeonhole was closed on sundays! everytime i've been there it's always been open but i can't rmb the days :P

Mai said...

yeah, was disappointed :< did you know there's two pigeonholes? i saw the lomo cameras from the window!