Saturday, October 17, 2009

X-rayted 2009

I had my Medical Imaging ball on Friday night at the Rivervale near burswood and the theme was black&white. Unlimited drinks for 2.5 hours and the place was nicely decorated with black and white helium balloons and skeleton cardboard cutouts hanging on the walls. There was a little stage set up for the dancefloor and everyone was up and dancing on there!

Robbie & I won the cutest couple prize which consisted of $20 Myer gift voucher, a bar of chocolate, 2 scratchies and 2 condoms. I won $4 with one of my scratchies! yay!

Robbie & I

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FeLLi said...

AwWwWWwWwwWww thats so cute!!! teeheehee u guys DO look totally adorable tho ;) and free condoms ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ;) hehehehehe.... XD