Sunday, October 04, 2009

GO3 expo 2009 - Asia Pacific Cosplay Competition

I went to see the Cosplay Competition at the GO3 Expo on Saturday but didn't bring my camera so I decided to go again on Sunday and try out my new 50mm lens. First pic of me with the winner of the Cosplay Competition, 'Iron Man'. He was the winner in Singapore and flew to Perth to compete and won as well! His costume was made with fibreglass and weighs 20 kilos. It looks pretty snazzy.
This second pic is with my favourite group the 'Tra-la-la', they won best group on the first day (Saturday) however they didn't win on Sunday although I think they deserved to. The other group that won wasn't that good.

For more pics, Click here.I have an album on facebook.

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FeLLi said...

OoOOooOOoo soon went on sunday as well!!! heheheh looks pretty awesome!!! mannnnnnnn i missed outtttttttt i was at work XP