Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Witchery witchery

If you purchase this month's 'MarieClaire' magazine, you'll get a free $30 voucher to spend at Witchery and there's no minimum spend! Also, becoming a member at witchery can score you birthday vouchers and other random stuff. This is what I bought with my voucher! :D It looks rather similar to the Burberry trench coat but obviously not as expensive!

Casual Trench - Toffee

Burburry trench

Friday, March 12, 2010

Attention Book Lovers

I was introduced to an online book store by Jia called the Book Depository. It is based in the UK and offers free delivery world-wide and the books are extremely cheap! I ordered a book called 'Cross Stitch' by Diana Gabaldon for only $9AUD on the 4th of March and it just arrived today! So the delivery is fairly quick, about a week's wait. The books in a good condition, pretty happy with my purchase.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The land of the sheep shaggers

Ahh my poor neglected blog..I have been off travelling for a month and have come back to uni bombarded with 40% assignments and whatnot. I went back to Christmas Island and travelled to singapore but the best trip would definitely be New Zealand! It started out great by me and Weif almost missing the bag drop off counter by 1 minute! We had a big fat sticker on Weif's bag to remind us so too!

Day 1
We arrived in Melbourne at 1am in the morning so we stayed at the 'Greenhouse backpackers' which was ok because we got to have a private room. The accomodation included 'free breakfast' which sounded good until we arrived in the kitchen that morning to find pieces of bread everywhere and a big ass bucket full of jam and many butter knives stuck in it and another big bucket filled with peanut butter. That's backpackers for ya. Our flight to Christchurch wasn't until 6pm that afternoon so we were stuck in Melbourne until then....you know what that means! SHOPPING!! We headed straight to the closest DFO and bought a few things but decided that we didn't have much room in our luggages and had to bring it to nz and back!

Day 2
We arrived in Christchurch at 1am and our lovely friend Novi & her husband had come all the way from Wellington to pick us up from the airport. We stayed at Hotel SO in the city and they had lovely see-through bathrooms.
We walked around town and met up with Deka and her brother's family and headed to Kaikoura around lunch time with Novi's friends. In Kaikoura we got to stay at a backpackers right next door to Tuti's restaurant and it was called 'the lazy shags', delightful name. Elle & Jamie came later in the afternoon and we ate delicious food (I had lamb curry) at Tuti's Restaurant (Highly recommended). Later that night we went to the local pubs 'Aldephi' which was really quiet and we were the only ones there really and later shifted to the 'Whaler' which was a bit more lively.

Day 3
We woke up to breakfast made from Tuti's even though they were closed! Chicken and cranberry jam paninis and coffee/tea! It was so lovely and the girls followed Deka to the Fyffe Country lodge where Novi was going to have her wedding. We spent the day decorating the place and it looked gorgeous!

We decided to chuck a little hen's night for Novi even though she had one last week with her kiwi friends. We had a girly sleepover with pizza and wine for dinner and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Oh and penis straws! that glow in the dark!
Day 4
The wedding day is today!! Lorraine had picked us up to finish the remainder of the decorating at the venue and we went back to Novi's to get ready for the wedding. The wedding was amazing, it was so beautiful. The night was filled with food, music, dancing and weif, elle & I made a speech which went ok I guess.

Day 5
Today we left Kaikoura. Elle & Jamie had a flight back to Canberra the next morning and weif & I were going to start our little adventure around the South Island. Jeremy took us to Christchurch around lunch time when we said our goodbyes and we picked up our Campervan and stayed the night in Christchurch.

Day 6
We had a nice early start of 4am in the morning as we took Elle & Jamie to the airport and headed to Hokitika our first stop. At each town there's sort've like a visitor's centre called i-site where you can grab free maps and stuff. Hokitika was a pretty nice town and we went to visit Dorothy Falls and the Hokitika Gorges which is like ice blue! It's so pretty!

Dorothy Falls
Hokitika Gorges
We didn't stay the night, we headed straight to Franz Josef and stayed at a caravan park. We made us of the kitchen and had tinned beef and rice for dinner.
Day 7
We got up early in the morning to catch our helicopter ride to the twin glaciers! Fox & Frans Josef Glacier.

After our little heli-hike we headed to Fox Glacier Town where we visited Lake Matheson. We decided to head to Wanaka as it took a few hours to get to. As you drive down to Wanaka, it's one of the most amazing views you'll ever see with with Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka on either side.

Day 8
Puzzling World! was our next place to visit, there's a maze and an optical illusion area. The leaning tower of Wanaka is pretty awesome too. Weif left me to rot in the maze as I had no sense of direction and came out like half an hour later than she did.

Headed to Queenstown after Puzzling world and we had a romantic dinner at the Gondola and watched the Haka dance.

Weif was part of the Haka dance.

Day 9
Today was an action-packed day as we did the 'Awesome Foursome' package which consisted of Bungy jumping, white water rafting, shotover jet and a helicopter ride. We had a bright early start of 7:30 and the first activity was the Bungy jump, way to wake you up! We did the Nevis Highwire Bungy which is the tallest bungy in nz of 134m!

See that little cable car look thing that where we jumped from into the Nevis Canyon!
The next thrill was the shotover jet experience and it does 360 spins and zig zags through the shotover river and the rocks get really close to the boat. That was really fun. Then we took a helicopter ride up to the Skippers Canyon and we went white water rafting down the shotover River. There were different names for each rapid such as the toilet, pinball, jaws and the last one as we went through the tunnel was grade 5 (the worst) and it was appropriately named 'the mother-in-law'.

Finished the day with a nice gourmet pizza from Winnie's and did some shopping and went to bed.

Day 10
We woke up at 5am cause we're nuts and left at around 6.30-7am to Christchurch which is approximately a 6 hour drive. We got to Chch town at around 2 and did some shopping, OMG WE LOVE GLASSONS! It's a New Zealand company which is also found in Melbourne and they have a website!!! www.glassons.com and they deliver to Australia too! Then we headed to Kaikoura because there isn't much to do in Chch, not a very touristy area and surprised Novi at work! Kind of. Got to eat lovely food once again at Tuti's restaurant and got some rest.

Day 11
The AMP show was on in Kaikoura which is like a country fair, a bit like the Perth Royal show. We had rainbow snow cones and hot dogs. Novi came real close to purchasing a puppy but decided it wasn't the best time to get one with the wedding costs and all.

We headed back to Christchurch at nightfall and that ends our little new zealand adventure.
Did some shopping in melbourne and bought krispy kremes on our way back!