Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fabulous Birthday

party hats

me and robbie

taz and fel

yen and jia

potato turd

everyone :)

me and beautiful cake

beautiful cake

slice of cake

my brother bought me a cake too :)

Had such an awesome night : ).
Had work all day and didn't get back home til like quarter to six which gave me like 15minutes to get ready i.e shower and change. Robbie picked me up and fel and we got there like quarter to 7 :P Subu, Lynna and Taz was already at valentinos! Then everyone started arriving around the same time and it was good to see everyone again! I passed party hats and those party noisemakers just to give it a more party atmosphere!

The food was not bad, i felt like italian! omg it was so funny, the waiter was like "scallopollini" or whatever he said and likes we didn't know what our food was called so he said it several times! After dinner, we had yummy chocolate cake that Yueh Lai and Huoy Min bought for me! Much Appreciated girls! It had a beautiful rose on it!

We had interesting dinner conversations consisting of tiolet paper talk o.o. which we amused ourselves with. Then the group split and some of us went home, while me and rob, fel and taz wen to timezone and the others went to carnegies where we met up with them later. The music was good and loved the atmosphere :). Had a toblerone cocktail and went home. Really awesome night, thanks to everyone that came! ^^;

Sunday, January 27, 2008


My first fishing experience. (Pic stolen)
So the plan was leave at 8:30 to go fishing at Woodman Point. Me and Rob gathered up Taz and Fel and Ali decided to take their own car there.

First Stop - some deli that sells hooks and bait. SO many different sizes and shapes...so which ones were we meant to buy? Fuck knows, we're all noobs.

Once we reached there it would'v been almost 10 id say..and it's pitch black and we couldn't see a thing so we followed this path that led us back to the car park. (oh gosh) So we decided to follow some people and finally found the jetty and it was packed with people, delightful! Then we realised...we didn't have enough sinkers..doo de doo

Taz decides to lead Fel and Ali to lalaland and tells em' we've found a new fishing spot and we made them follow us all the way to the fishing shop. We bought some sinkers and the shop keeper goes "So did you catch anything?" and we had this huge plan to tell them of a great white shark we caught..but taz goes..."no, we're going to a new fishing spot" BAhhh! And then she closed her eyes and points to a random spot on the map and we headed there.

Next Stop - Walter Point..it has a nice little jetty with like not many people. We threaded our fishing rods and put the sinkers and hooks on. Fel was the first to cast and it was 11:20pm!!! lol..Then everyone was fishing and taz was the first to catch.... a blowfish. Weeee~

As the heading says it all..all we managed to catch were blowies!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dead at 28

Heath Ledger passed away at 3:30pm, US time.
28 years of age.
Left behind his two year old daughter.
Such a tragic loss.
My deepest condolences to Heath's family.
May you R.I.P.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Ok, so my fish decides to turn up today...even though yesterday i was waving the fishing net around to see if there was any movement...and there wasn't for a whole day and now it's there like back again LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED...weird, friggen messing with my head!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

27 Dresses

Went to watch 27 Dresses with Yenpole and Hm! It's such a chick flick but I love a good chick flick and Katherine Heigl is such a good actor! And that James Marsden is rather good looking, he looked really familiar and I just found out he was in Superman returns and he played cyclops in the X-men series! There was this lady at the movies that laughed really loud and everyone would laugh at her, it was pretty funny. I'll give it a 7/10!

R.I.P. poo poo eater [14.01.08-17.01.08]

(Random pic of a sucker catfish)

Goodbye Mr Suckerfish. I have no idea what happened to my new pet fish, it has TOTALLY disappeared from the fish tank, my guess is, it jumped out of the tank and jumped into hiding, never to be seen again. :< *sigh* it was an active fellow and it liked to play chasey with the other fishies! May he rest in peace! He will be missed dearly.

Monday, January 07, 2008

New job for the new year

First day at work at Booragoon Radiology :).

Robbie picked me up in the morning, went to work together weeee~! It was alright, get to sit down and type stuff in, get paid more than city beach and do less work :)
Will only be working full time for the first three days though, and then til 2pm everyday until Uni starts :P Getta make deliveries to nearby clinics and get fuel reimbursements as well as getting paid pretty cruisy! :D woot! gonna make lunch tomorow but, spend way too much on take out! WEEEE!~

Pingu Island

Weeee! Robbie had promised to take me to Penguin Island located in Rockingham when I came back! It's not as far as I thought it would be, bit less than an hour to get there! So excited!

You can spot the island in that picture. There are two ways in which you can enter the island, via a ferry or you can WALK THERE!! there's this shallow path that goes all the way to the island. The highest the water reaches is like up to your waist-ish maybe bit higher on me coz i'm rather short hehe.. Anyhoos, we bought a ticket for the ferry ...

This is the ferry leaving the jetty.

Once we reached the island, we headed to see the penguins being fed. There are only 10 penguins held captive but there 1800 penguins on the island. The rest are like hiding around the island.

LOOK IT's ME AND PENGUINS!! Now i want a pet penguiN!

My Robbie and the penguins (I LOVE HIS SHIRT & HIM)

This is the cool penguin stamp we get when we went to watch the penguins getting fed.

More pics.

And after this pic, MY STUPID CAMERA RAN OUTTA SPACE!!! and i can't delete anything because my stupid camera lost some of it's button functionality!!!

i did take a short vid though hehe..

After the penguin show, we went walking on the walk boards, and it sorta reminded me of christmas island, lily beach walk boards! or something and the waves crashing against the island. We saw some penguins hiding under the board walk OMG I SO WANTED TO CATCH THEM AND BRING THEM HOME, but yeah you're not meant to :<. Saw a whole bunch of pelicans nesting and apparently there is sea lions but didn't get to see them. I did see a lizard though, crawling towards this asian lady that was lying on a mat and she freaked and got her shoe and started slappin the grass to scare the lizard away. People just watched hehe. including me. anyhoos, we wanted to go kayaking so we decided to go back, this time by walking!!! OMG it's quite far Lol.. and rob was holding a backpack with our electronic stuff and at one stage he had to put it on his head. We managed to get back and then bought a hot dog. It was yum! and then when we asked for kayaks, IT WAS CLOSED :<:<. The winds were up so they didn't hire the kayak s out anymore.

On the way back, rob went past the rockingham beach and then we wanted to check out the kwinana beach which we went past on the way to penguin island. It didn't look like it was very swimmable so we went all the way to cottosloe! Jumped in for a few but the waves were getting bigger and i got scared and left rob in there! ahah.. then went to harbour town and refrained myself from buying anything!!SAW THIS SUPER COOL VEST THAT I WANTED WITH A FURRY HOOD! ITS HELL AWESOME but its price tag was not so cool....339...BAHhh! Other than that..

Was a lovely lovely day :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

5 day ci memories :P [jan 08']

Weif and I on New years

Adam and Yuets in the backseat ;)

My super bling ipod cover

Me with a ninja girl

Adam's attempt to ride a bike

My super cool french braid

Waves at the cove

jet lagged

My 5 days on the island seemed to zoom by rather quickly. I left my dear friends behind whom I miss very much, but I am delighted to see my beloved boyfriend back in Perth!

The Plane trip was rather lonely, and to make things worse, I had to travel via Cocos Islands bLahh!! 7 hours on a flight, no fun! The weather on the island hasn't been at its best! Big waves, leaving the ship stranded in the ocean and no jetty jumping for me! On new years, the waves were HUGE!! It died down just as I was leaving the island though. Great timing.

Friday, January 04, 2008

A New year, a New diet

Day one

On waking
Brisk 45-50 minute walk

2 eggs, soft boiled or poached
1 slice multigrain or sourdough bread3 slices avocado
Sliced mushrooms

Morning snack
Skim milk flat white
10 almonds
3 dried apricots

Brown rice salad
Add 1 small can tuna in springwater, drained

Afternoon snack
½ mango, sliced
1 x 200g tub low fat plain natural yoghurt

3 lamb cutlets, rubbed with olive oil and rosemary and grilled
Steamed corn, carrots and green beans
1 glass red wine

Evening snack
6 large strawberries

I could so follow this diet, sounds DELICIOUS!!

To see the diet plan for the rest of the week, Click here

Random fact:
One of the few celebrities to get a tick of approval from scientists was chef Jamie Oliver, who correctly told the public about how a chemical found in chillies can speed up your metabolism.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 Weird News

A Moscow woman set fire to her ex-husband's penis as he sat naked watching television and drinking vodka. The couple divorced three years ago but continued to share a small flat.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Unhappy New year

Spent new year's eve out on the front porch of yuet's house while the gloomy weather embraced us with its chilling winds and tears of rain. :P

Adam had to go to pray and agnes had ditched us for yan's party so me, weif and yuets went to the school and listened to music until Adam was ready.

The beeping started at the schOol, and the rain pelted on us almost the entire time we were driving. Went past the cove and the waves were humongously high and sprayed each car as they drove past beeping away into the silent houses that greeted us.

30 cars we counted, 10 less than last year, an extra 2 hours had been added on to my day due to the time difference so i was extra tired. By the time we reached silver city i was half asleep, went home and went to bed.

Happy New year guys, hope you all had a blast :).

The start of the year determines the rest of the year? Let's hope not.