Monday, January 07, 2008

New job for the new year

First day at work at Booragoon Radiology :).

Robbie picked me up in the morning, went to work together weeee~! It was alright, get to sit down and type stuff in, get paid more than city beach and do less work :)
Will only be working full time for the first three days though, and then til 2pm everyday until Uni starts :P Getta make deliveries to nearby clinics and get fuel reimbursements as well as getting paid pretty cruisy! :D woot! gonna make lunch tomorow but, spend way too much on take out! WEEEE!~


FeLLi said...

CONGRATS AND GOODLUCK ON UR NEW JOB!!! X) sounds like fun!!! weeee~~~ luv u!!!

hm said...

new job sounds cool ^^