Monday, September 27, 2010

Paradise found

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Pink Cherry Blossom

It was such a Beautiful, Sunny day today and seeing as it was a public holiday and the shops were closed, I took Mum for a stroll. I was blown away with the amount of colours displayed at the Araluen Botanic Gardens. If you like tulips, you'll love Araluen! The park was packed with lots people and smells of delicious BBQ food cooking. Unfortunately, we didn't bring any food. Would've loved to have a picnic amongst the sea of tulips!


Tulips, tulips..


And more tulips!

Bicycle Pot Holder

Bicycle Pot Holder

I found this neat little pot holder at the gift shop! I really want it in my garden! Not sure if it was for sale though. Also, check out the Kangaroo Umbrella. Adorable as.
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Kangaroo Umbrella

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Origami Wedding Cake

I attended a wedding last night. The table decor, cake decor and bridal bouquets were all paper origami flowers! Something different.

The Hula Bula Bar

Picture courtesy of Hula Bula Bar.

Caught up with a couple of mates from Canberra on Friday night and we met up at the Hula Bula Bar. It is a very cute Tropical Island themed bar tucked away in the city of Perth on Victoria Street. The atmostphere is amazingly relaxed and they sell a very large variety of cocktails decorated with mini umbrellas and frogs! I didn't end up taking pictures on the night so I just nicked these off their website. Just had to share this unique tiki bar.

Picture courtesy of Hula Bula Bar.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring and jumping shots

Warning: Bombardment of photos!

The pictures were taken last weekend at Kingspark showcasing all their native wildflowers. I Love Spring. And jumping shots. Photos taken with the Diana Mini with a film speed of 200.

Preparing to jump
Jumping shot

Springtime at Kingspark
Gorgeous native plant at KP
Kingparks/City view
Eternal flame/war memorial
Flower photos & kite flying

Monday, September 13, 2010

Attention book lovers; my new Amazon Kindle

Kindle Leather case

I got this lovely present; the Amazon Kindle E-book reading device from the lovely boyfriend. I'm a big book lover and the Kindle is unlike LCD screens which may hurt your eyes after reading for awhile, it actually looks like paper. Some of the features that I like about the Kindle is that it is light and compact so it's easy to place in my handbag. It has a battery life of a month! Which is a super plus, if I was going travelling, I wouldn't need to worry about charging it. A feature not available with paper books is dictionary lookup which is extremely helpful! Read more about Amazon Kindles here. I am currently reading; The Girl Who Played with Fire

Kindle Side on

Black & White images

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Chocolatey Goodness

Choc cupcakes with choc frosting sprinkled with praline bits &/or rainbow sprinkles

Had a great time making these with Jia & Yen, whom had invited themselves over... Found this lovely chocolate cupcake recipe that is to die for on Joy of baking, however I would recommend using a different frosting recipe because the frosting did not taste very nice. The texture of the cake is very light and fluffy. It is nice and moist and full of yummy!