Monday, September 27, 2010

Paradise found

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Pink Cherry Blossom

It was such a Beautiful, Sunny day today and seeing as it was a public holiday and the shops were closed, I took Mum for a stroll. I was blown away with the amount of colours displayed at the Araluen Botanic Gardens. If you like tulips, you'll love Araluen! The park was packed with lots people and smells of delicious BBQ food cooking. Unfortunately, we didn't bring any food. Would've loved to have a picnic amongst the sea of tulips!


Tulips, tulips..


And more tulips!

Bicycle Pot Holder

Bicycle Pot Holder

I found this neat little pot holder at the gift shop! I really want it in my garden! Not sure if it was for sale though. Also, check out the Kangaroo Umbrella. Adorable as.
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Kangaroo Umbrella

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