Thursday, October 30, 2008

A place I call home

What caught my eye on facebook was a group called "Stop the Rainforest on Christmas Island from being cut down!!!! " As all you islanders probably know, the phosphate mine is slowly coming to an end as the phosphate sources cease to exist. Well, actually that's a lie, there are plenty more phosphate available, where all the rainforest are established.

The phosphate mine being the island's main source of employment, would leave many jobless, if it was to come to an end. Should our rainforest be the price to pay for the maintenance of the mines, or a perhaps an alternative question, for the jobs of the people at risk?

I suppose there are two ways to look at the current situation, I'm sort of sitting on the fence on this one. Firstly, where is the limit to the destruction of the rainforest ( land of the many flora and fauna) and the mining of phosphates until the place is a complete squander? On the other hand, if the mine was to be closed, and no other source of income becomes apparent, gradually it will have an impact on the rest of the island and perhaps it will become just a gem in the indian ocean.

There are approximately 700 people left on the island, with many shops unable to afford to open every business day of the week. There was a time when the resort was open and brought many possibilities of income. However these days it is mainly the mine holding the place together, unless another revenue producing proposition takes place offering job opportunities, we have to ask ourselves the question; do we save the rainforest and close the mines OR save the mines and destroy the rainforest?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunny-craze 2

As you probably know, from my previous entry, I am rather enthusiatic about getting a bunny wabbit. Rob has agreed to purchase all things bunny-related for my upcoming 21st birthday which is probably my ideal 'perfect' present, in my mind. Anyhoos, I've been searching for a mini-lop far and low, by taking a trip to several pet shops ranging from the rabbit shop, pets paradise to pet magic (located in SUCCESS suburb, there's quite a few shops there, check it out if you have the time). I'm am also looking for anything associated with bunnies, hutches, leashes, clothes, food! I've seen dwarf lops, chinchillas, netherland dwarfs, velvet lops and possibly more but no mini lops. *:(*

I've decided to look for private breeders and came up with only one ad for mini-lops in Perth. *celebrates*. She calls herself the "Rabbit Lady" and lives in Mundaring. I got a little carried-away and sent like two emails via the Website for free ads, asking for an orange bunny and then later deciding that I wanted to check out the colours first. (This was on the weekend). By the Monday, I hadn't received any emails and I thought maybe the ads weren't relevant anymore and found her email on yet another site and emailed her for the third time.

So as I was scrolling through my new emails today, I found three emails from this lady in response to my bunny-craze spam. *hides in shame*

Email one:

Hello Mavis,
Thanks for your enquiry.
I currently have no more rabbit babies ready to leave, the ones I advertised sold fast. I do have a couple of litters which are only 10 days old and 2 days old, which will be ready to leave about December 6 and 16, ..... You would certainly be very welcome to have a look at them, though it would probably be better a bit later, when the colours and sexes are clearer. Perhaps you could contact me again in a week or two, and you will have lots of babies to look at!...etc

Email two:

I will almost certainly have some orange or orange butterfly babies available for Christmas...etc..etc.. I think I already replied to another enquiry from you earlier today.

Email three: (you can almost see her laughing at this point)

Ah, you have been busy following up on ads Mavis! I think I answered your question earlier, etc, etc..

So I got the thumbs up for checking out the babies beforehand but still decided to put in a reservation for an orange bunbun and get a fourth reply of;

Email four:

I had to laugh at getting 3 messages from you in a row, you must be very keen! I have pencilled your name in for an orange Lop baby, and look forward to seeing you when you come to have a look.

Lol, keen much? i want a bunny :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

T2 Tea

There's a new shop in Garden City called T2 Tea, which is at the corner opposite to Wendy's where the pharmacy used to be. They sell a whole range of tea related items from tea leaves to tea pots and spoons, canisters, etc. The layout is awesome, they have little frames and they place all their items for sale on them (above pic).
What I like about this new shop is they brew a couple of different flavoured teas in the middle of the place, and have cups for you to have a taste of different frangrant teas from around the world. Today, there was creme brulee, green rose and lemon tea and it's nice and warm too! What they're missing is a pot of sugar and some milk on the side, but if you want to try some free tea, head to T2 Tea at Garden City!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I want a bunny!

I've been meaning to get a bunny for a very long time, ended up with birds instead but still want to get a bunny!! I saw fel's bunny the other day which is a dwarf lop, which can be seen on her blog here.

Jun Ki courtesy of alovesovast.

I want to get a mini lop. Which is similar to a dwarf lop but its maximum weight is 1.6 kg whereas the dwarf lop can grow up to 2.5 kg. I'm not sure where to get one though, might have to find a private breeder.

Googled mini lop

Went into the "Rabbit shop" introduced by Fel, which is located near garden city, just off Norma Road on Unit 10, 20 Sheilds Cres. It's actually a veterinary practice that does all the vaccinations and stuff but they also sell bunnies, (and breed them) and other miscellaneous stuff such as hutches, food, water bottles, etc. Rabbit lovers paradise! :P

Netherland Dwarfs

The Netherland dwarfs are soo adorable, smallest breed of the bunnies, maximum weight of 1.2kg! But I like the lops because of their ears and they're said to have the best personality whereas the netherland dwarfs are not suitable for children, as they are associated with bad temperament. (Garden city pet shop has some baby netherland dwarfs at the moment).

Velvet lop

The Velvet lops is a combination of the Rex rabbit and the Dwarf lop. As the name mentions, their fur is really soft (like velvet) and they do not molt as much as other rabbits, so it's good for people with allergies!

I want a bunny...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Nail Art #3 Gallery

On my way to work...

A mother duck and her ducklings tried to cross the road!!!


(Shitty quality i know..blame it on taking a picture while driving!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nail Art #2

Colourful flutter friend
*Testing* 1............2...........3

Better late than never

Met up with my best friend last night, Feliciaa!! Thought it was 'bout time we caught up, and give her her extremely belated birthday present!! And in return, I got mine weee~ Should've waited til Christmas and hit two birds with one stone.

Anyways, we had a lovely Dinner with me, Rob and Fel at Fel's Parent's restaurant, Cafe Somerville (Winthrop Court, Shop 1/ 143 Somerville Blvd). With dishes such as SQUID TENTACLES (must-have), black pepper beef, honey mongolian lamb and kailan mixed vegies!!

I absolutely love my presents; foreverfriends bear (at the top), nail kit with gems and new pair or earrings!!!

Earrings !! Never too many!

Nail kit

It comes that time of year... where exams are closing in on us, and assignments and tests are on the mission to hunt you down. Hence, prepare to see a whole lot more blog entries, due to my high motivational proficiency to study!!

Look at my nail art!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tastes like snow and melts in your mouth

Penguin toy
There's an Icey Ice in Vic Park... I'm slow... but it's such a pretty shop!! Located across Makan Makan!! There's like a huge penguin in the corner, it's soo adorable... must steal it one day! And there's mini ones at the counter, if you squint your eyes and look closely at the picture below... and vending machines!!!!!

Stella, me & Grace
Look at the bamboo plant below... Soo asiann!

Tina & Doreen

Went with like 6 of my uni friends and we ordered 3 Large icey ices; strawberry, oreos and mango!! Yummm! It has fresh strawberries, mangoes and oreos!! My favourite one has to be the strawberry flavour!!!

Strawberry ice

Here's some pictures to drool over...

Oreos & Mango ice

We had lunch before at Happy Meal, had a little beef brisket craze! Doreen had beef brisket as well, 4 / 6!!

Kudzi, Stella and I

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ipod Touch & accessories

ipod touch - absolutely in love with it!

I must say I haven't played around with the old one but I love all the functions that come along with the new ipod touch. There are a lot of free games that can be downloaded from itunes and some of my favourites are;

Tap tap - Kinda like guitar hero with your fingers
Dactyl - Follow the bomb
iPint - tilt the ipod to get the beer into the hands
Sudoku - self explainatory
ibowl - bowling
igolf - golfing
space monkey - this is definetly one of the better free games, you have to turn this monkey around to collect items and it gets hard, with batteries you have to avoid etc... haven't finished it just yet
Vegas Pool - game of pool

Some of the applications ---

stanza - ebook type applic
calc, calender, clock, weather, etc

The podcasts videos are really good such as bestyoutube videos, best tv ads, etc

The ipod touch can keep you entertained for hours!

Back of my ipod - laser engraving

Bought the old ipod touch cover, the older ipod touch version is thicker than the new however it still fits, just not as snugly as it should... there's aren't many selections for the new covers, there's like a black and white covers available at myers.

There's my ipod touch with the old ipod touch cover :)
There's some pretty cool ipod gadgets available on dealextreme.com. These cute little cable wraps are only US$2.91, free shipping.

Here's my little fella, also came with a green guy but robbie is using it!

Fake ipod socks! Even has a little apple with a bite and everything ( the bite looks fake ). Also available on dealextreme for US$4.30, free shipping.

Just waiting on my pink earphones that hasn't come yet.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catch me if you can

I used to bake stuff back in the days; cakes, bikkies, quiche, pies. Also made stuff when I was working at Jessica's Cafe back on the island and I used to make little gingerbread men and decorate em' and all the little kids would buy them. I've been looking everywhere for the gingerbread men cutters but I can never find one, or a decent one but I found this bakemix that came with a gingerbread men cutter!! So I decided to make em' and this is a picture of some half eaten because I decided to take a picture last minute! Doesn't taste as good as the ones made from scratch though. Have to find the recipe again!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Club Rad Masquerade Rivercruise

So finally got to use my mask and dress I bought from ebay :D! Had the rivercruise on Saturday night for Medical Imaging Students from Curtin :) It was pretty eventful...
Had Khaled over for the weekend from Melbourne, so me rob and khaled started getting ready quite early around 4pm but still had to rush in the last minute to get ready (Kept going back to Robbie’s for several things; masks, tickets, shoes) Left around 6:20, got to CPP parking at convention centre around 6:50pm…Basically half walked-ran It was meant to leave at 7pm sharp and we got there like 2 mins to 7pm freaking out! but it didn't leave til like half past or something. It was unlimited booze so you know what happens... There was a chick that hooked up with 3 guys that night and girl on girl action and I fainted! I was in the toilet and I got really dizzy so I was like ...shitt.. better get outta here, and I started blacking out so I was feeling around where I was going, felt the seats and just collasped onto it. Not sure how long I passed out for but my friend was trying to wake me up. Btw, it wasn't the alcohol, not sure what it was.. might be motion sickness or something O.o Some girl threw up on my jacket which was on the table... so i had like no jacket for the rest of the night, froze my balls off and caught a cold. Lovely. Heaps of piccies on facebook :)