Monday, October 13, 2008

Ipod Touch & accessories

ipod touch - absolutely in love with it!

I must say I haven't played around with the old one but I love all the functions that come along with the new ipod touch. There are a lot of free games that can be downloaded from itunes and some of my favourites are;

Tap tap - Kinda like guitar hero with your fingers
Dactyl - Follow the bomb
iPint - tilt the ipod to get the beer into the hands
Sudoku - self explainatory
ibowl - bowling
igolf - golfing
space monkey - this is definetly one of the better free games, you have to turn this monkey around to collect items and it gets hard, with batteries you have to avoid etc... haven't finished it just yet
Vegas Pool - game of pool

Some of the applications ---

stanza - ebook type applic
calc, calender, clock, weather, etc

The podcasts videos are really good such as bestyoutube videos, best tv ads, etc

The ipod touch can keep you entertained for hours!

Back of my ipod - laser engraving

Bought the old ipod touch cover, the older ipod touch version is thicker than the new however it still fits, just not as snugly as it should... there's aren't many selections for the new covers, there's like a black and white covers available at myers.

There's my ipod touch with the old ipod touch cover :)
There's some pretty cool ipod gadgets available on dealextreme.com. These cute little cable wraps are only US$2.91, free shipping.

Here's my little fella, also came with a green guy but robbie is using it!

Fake ipod socks! Even has a little apple with a bite and everything ( the bite looks fake ). Also available on dealextreme for US$4.30, free shipping.

Just waiting on my pink earphones that hasn't come yet.


Anonymous said...

Dealextreme is awesome! Thanks mai. I bought so much little unnecessary gadgets from there. Lol can’t wait till it comes

vanessa said...

haha oooh I love the earphone holder thing haha its so cheeky! I think I'm going to browse on that site too...

FeLLi said...

wow so KOOL!!!!! awwww the engraving is ADOWABABLE!!! XD LURVE UUUUUUUUUUU *huggles*