Sunday, October 26, 2008

I want a bunny!

I've been meaning to get a bunny for a very long time, ended up with birds instead but still want to get a bunny!! I saw fel's bunny the other day which is a dwarf lop, which can be seen on her blog here.

Jun Ki courtesy of alovesovast.

I want to get a mini lop. Which is similar to a dwarf lop but its maximum weight is 1.6 kg whereas the dwarf lop can grow up to 2.5 kg. I'm not sure where to get one though, might have to find a private breeder.

Googled mini lop

Went into the "Rabbit shop" introduced by Fel, which is located near garden city, just off Norma Road on Unit 10, 20 Sheilds Cres. It's actually a veterinary practice that does all the vaccinations and stuff but they also sell bunnies, (and breed them) and other miscellaneous stuff such as hutches, food, water bottles, etc. Rabbit lovers paradise! :P

Netherland Dwarfs

The Netherland dwarfs are soo adorable, smallest breed of the bunnies, maximum weight of 1.2kg! But I like the lops because of their ears and they're said to have the best personality whereas the netherland dwarfs are not suitable for children, as they are associated with bad temperament. (Garden city pet shop has some baby netherland dwarfs at the moment).

Velvet lop

The Velvet lops is a combination of the Rex rabbit and the Dwarf lop. As the name mentions, their fur is really soft (like velvet) and they do not molt as much as other rabbits, so it's good for people with allergies!

I want a bunny...


Anonymous said...

haha omg i want one toooo!! but i'm worried i might kill it ... i'm hopeless at taking care of animals

FeLLi said...

kekkekek I FINISHED MY CAGE MAI MAI!!! it is now a 3 level condoOoOOo!!! even with a penthouse *cough* suit X) hehheheh

Mai said...

Whoaaaaaaa IVE GOTTA SEEE THISSSS!!!!!!! hahaha that's awesome!!!