Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tastes like snow and melts in your mouth

Penguin toy
There's an Icey Ice in Vic Park... I'm slow... but it's such a pretty shop!! Located across Makan Makan!! There's like a huge penguin in the corner, it's soo adorable... must steal it one day! And there's mini ones at the counter, if you squint your eyes and look closely at the picture below... and vending machines!!!!!

Stella, me & Grace
Look at the bamboo plant below... Soo asiann!

Tina & Doreen

Went with like 6 of my uni friends and we ordered 3 Large icey ices; strawberry, oreos and mango!! Yummm! It has fresh strawberries, mangoes and oreos!! My favourite one has to be the strawberry flavour!!!

Strawberry ice

Here's some pictures to drool over...

Oreos & Mango ice

We had lunch before at Happy Meal, had a little beef brisket craze! Doreen had beef brisket as well, 4 / 6!!

Kudzi, Stella and I

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