Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in the Hole

Blehh... I AM SO BORED.. I have been on the computer all day, You'd think that I would be celebrating end of exams but noOooo its soooo frgggen bORingg!!

:< .... I think there's a few of youse coming back on likes the 6th of July THATS LIKE TWO WEEKS AWAY! and cel n weif arrivin on the 14th ..Bahhhh even longer! WHAT AM I GONNA DO IN THAT TIME!? Slowly rotting away... Yuets was on my flight but she's stayin at home watching Hong Kong Movies... great! :< someone save me from my boredom! :P

23 more days til I come back to perth and getta see my RoBbie and all my friends whom i miss dearly ! I brought my camera back BUT I FORGOT THE CABLE..so there goes my fun!

The most interesting thing that has happened since I've been back was...The bee hive... There was a extremely huge hive inside the walls of the lodge and yen's dad was breakin em' down AND THEY WERE HONEY BEES! and THERE WAS SO MUCH HONEY AND IT WAS SOOO SWEET... *picture posted here* but yeah,... that was the highlight of the days ....

I'll keep ya posted on my boringness days to come...*sigh*
Over and Out...

My Adorable Robbie

Arghhh so cute!!! ^^; bought em' hats from Sunday Market haha, I have a Polar Bear one... (the one he's wearin was for his sister) Was meant to be $20 bucks but I got em' down to $12.50 each heh.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Woo half year sales are on!

Bought some pressies for ppl and got myselfff a pinafore dress thing! couldnt decide what color to get so i got two of em' from Forever new ! A blue one and a black one, I'm majorly indecisive.. =]

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finally Over!

hip hip hurray no more fkn exams ! gd luck for the rest of use that have exams tomoro!! = \ good luck for your OSCE robbie!

signed up to be an exam model for the Med imaging OSCE's .. heh today it was the third year's prac exam and I was on of the two models ^^ and it was fun.

Things i had to do..
choose a shoulder to be injured.
my name is mandy smith and i was born on the 14th of june 87 ..i was 20 last week wooT! heh.. and i was in a car accident ^^;
act like i haven't done it like a billion times today coz the models were only one of the ten stations which run for ten minutes so we had to repeat the same thing every ten minutes ^^ but then again ...getting paid like 29 bucks an hour ain't that bad at all =D

mmyess,.. and tomoro it's second year PRAC EXAM ^^; different scenario weee~

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

youtube it

Omg she's so cute and adorable and such an amazing singer~ Check it out!

sad sweet story.~

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Viva la vie Paré

Little rich spoilt bitch.. :D

Paris sentenced to 45 days in jail for it gets cut down to 23 due to "good behaviour" and then after 3 days get released for a medical condition that was meant to be claustophobia !!! but yay she's back in jail bitches! servng 45 days :D damn media whore..

Click here for the news Link

Friday, June 08, 2007

"Study" Week

First Exam on Monday =< so sick of studying !! went to caro for a lunch break the other day and ended up playin at leisure island!! I WON!! lol..big buck hunting! woo im gettn better .. saw people walkin round with shrek ears and i wanted to watch the movie but would feel guilty when im meant to be studying but i bought them ears instead haha! ooo... MY ROBBIE'S GOT HIS LICENSE!!! woot!^^; excellent .. lol .. (he drove me to uni today)

Sortv been studying... could be better but i spose could be worse :) saw weifers at the library yesterday!! (uwa sucks so she came to curtin instead =]) and she was in one em cubicle things and i sat in the one opposite her and kickd her LOL...there was someone else sittin there earlier so she thought it was someone else...kekeke then later i got rob to crawl under the table and rub her legs...man i wish i saw her reaction but she stood up and saw us... LOL..funnystuff

Best of luck for exams everybody [=

Sunday, June 03, 2007