Friday, June 08, 2007

"Study" Week

First Exam on Monday =< so sick of studying !! went to caro for a lunch break the other day and ended up playin at leisure island!! I WON!! lol..big buck hunting! woo im gettn better .. saw people walkin round with shrek ears and i wanted to watch the movie but would feel guilty when im meant to be studying but i bought them ears instead haha! ooo... MY ROBBIE'S GOT HIS LICENSE!!! woot!^^; excellent .. lol .. (he drove me to uni today)

Sortv been studying... could be better but i spose could be worse :) saw weifers at the library yesterday!! (uwa sucks so she came to curtin instead =]) and she was in one em cubicle things and i sat in the one opposite her and kickd her LOL...there was someone else sittin there earlier so she thought it was someone else...kekeke then later i got rob to crawl under the table and rub her legs...man i wish i saw her reaction but she stood up and saw us... LOL..funnystuff

Best of luck for exams everybody [=

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YuehLai said...

haha damn that wud have been funny..lol weif being felt up!! gl for exams!!!