Monday, August 30, 2010

Lunch at Jean Pierre Sancho

Lovely Fel & I

Finally got to visit Jean Pierre Sancho with the lovely Fel, on the corner of Hay Street and Shafto Lane. This little french cafe made me feel like I was in Paris again with the delicate pattiseries and the french staff with their uppish attitude. Don't get me wrong, loved the experience and the food was enjoyable. The flavoured macarons were a treat and the potato & tomato soup was amazingly creamy and I wanted more when I was done. The soup-to-bread ratio was not nearly enough but I would have it again. We also tried some layered meringue & cream dessert (not sure what it was called-something in French) that was quite delicious. The decor was simple yet beautiful with the vintage looking furniture, chandelier and beautiful crafted framed mirrors reflecting a French ambiance. If you're looking for a new cafe to try, I would recommend it.

Flavoured Macarons
Crafty soup in bread - Love it

Layered Meringue & chocolate cream

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Giant cupcake

Very excited about using my giant cupcake mould. After having an orange and poppy seed muffin for breakfast the other day, I decided to make a giant version of it. Using the moulds, a turd shaped piece is made along with the cake base with grooves. As I was trying to slice the top half, it cracked, I was devastated. However, I managed to ice it up covering my imperfections.

Top of giant cupcake

Assembled top & bottom

Final product - Giant cupcake!

Giant cupcake mould & teacup

I received two giant gifts this month coincidentally. A giant cupcake mould from Robbie and a giant teacup & saucer from YuehLai to match. As you can see from the pictures below, I've placed 'normal' sized items next to the giant ones.

Giant cupcake mould next to a cupcake paper case & a babycake paper case
Giant teacup vs. normal teacup

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New contact lenses!

My new hazel eyes!
Other than the shitty pixelated image, comparison of my eye colours :)

If you look at it closely, you can see the little dots of colours. Alien eyes!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exhibit: B; international street art

I got to check out the Exhibit: B street art exhibition in Subi on my half day off. I read about it off Yours truly, 2095. If you're interested, it's located on 433 Hay Street, Subiaco. Opening times 9:30-5:30pm, closes on the 19th of August.

Artists included Mr Brainwash, Shepard Fairey, Mysterious Al, Dotmasters, Byrogylphics, Pahnl, tek13, and more. Shepard Fairey is probably one of the more well known ones for his Obama 'Hope' Poster. I got a bit carried away taking photos. I really like Russ Mills work, he combines both traditional media and digital imaging. His bold strokes and sketches are manipulated digitally to create an emotional distortion.

Some of Russ Mills work and some local guy with the light boxes, Simon...
More artwork
I find beauty everywhere (Red) - Mr Brainwash

Don't be Cruel - Mr Brainwash, Staring Girl - TEK 13

Slow and Steady - Ink Fetish

Charlie Chaplin!

Happy Birthday Roberto!~

Robbie turned 23 yesterday! I managed to ice this baby (Cake above) after work in a jiffy before heading to dinner with Rob & Family at Christina's Restaurant located in Victoria Park. It was my first time there and I found my meal rather satisfying. I had the Tasmanian Salmon with curried potatoes and green beans. I would probably go back there again. Anyways, after dinner, Rob's mate took us to the movies to watch 'The Expendables'. He paid for my ticket as well yay! The movie wasn't as good as I expected it to be...definitely don't pay to watch it. Download it instead, by download I mean, purchase it legally online...

Hope Rob had a good time, Happy Birthday!~ <3

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Outback Jacks Challenge

OBJ Challenge

Met up with a few uni mates for dinner last night. If you haven't heard of the Outback Jacks Challenge, it involves completing a full meal, including a 1kg Rump Steak, 500g of chips and 500g of steamed vegetables, in 30 minutes! So Max decides he'd take on the challenge even though he had KFC and a shepherd's pie right before he came to dinner. Whatever possessed him to attempt it, I'm not sure, maybe it was for the free Tshirt? However, he was thoroughly unsuccessful in completing the challenge and will be forever labelled as a failure.


Friday, August 13, 2010

New Zealand: Round two

Lake Tekapu

Jumping pics

I haven't update my blog in awhile, have been pretty busy. Currently having my Uni placement at the Children's hospital which can be rather challenging. Anyways, I went to New Zealand again for the second time this year with the bf and his mate. We travelled from Methven to Queenstown and back up to Kaikoura to visit the lovely McGovern sisters! We visited Mt Hutt, the Remarkables and Mt Lyford for some snow. New zealand scenary is Amazing! Three words that sum up my vacation; snowboarding, cointreau & jagerbombs. Somebody, no names mentioned, passed out after two jagerbombs at the bottle shop. Fun times.
Tiltshit me
Random mountains

Happy Black Friday.