Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Outback Jacks Challenge

OBJ Challenge

Met up with a few uni mates for dinner last night. If you haven't heard of the Outback Jacks Challenge, it involves completing a full meal, including a 1kg Rump Steak, 500g of chips and 500g of steamed vegetables, in 30 minutes! So Max decides he'd take on the challenge even though he had KFC and a shepherd's pie right before he came to dinner. Whatever possessed him to attempt it, I'm not sure, maybe it was for the free Tshirt? However, he was thoroughly unsuccessful in completing the challenge and will be forever labelled as a failure.



Jia said...

Did you curl your hair with a straightener?? I don't know how to :( You look nice!!

Mai said...

Thanks Jiapo! Yeh I did, I sorta twirl it around and pull...hahha get it?