Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exhibit: B; international street art

I got to check out the Exhibit: B street art exhibition in Subi on my half day off. I read about it off Yours truly, 2095. If you're interested, it's located on 433 Hay Street, Subiaco. Opening times 9:30-5:30pm, closes on the 19th of August.

Artists included Mr Brainwash, Shepard Fairey, Mysterious Al, Dotmasters, Byrogylphics, Pahnl, tek13, and more. Shepard Fairey is probably one of the more well known ones for his Obama 'Hope' Poster. I got a bit carried away taking photos. I really like Russ Mills work, he combines both traditional media and digital imaging. His bold strokes and sketches are manipulated digitally to create an emotional distortion.

Some of Russ Mills work and some local guy with the light boxes, Simon...
More artwork
I find beauty everywhere (Red) - Mr Brainwash

Don't be Cruel - Mr Brainwash, Staring Girl - TEK 13

Slow and Steady - Ink Fetish

Charlie Chaplin!


juznie said...

Glad you went :)

Mai said...

So am I :)