Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006



Beached on Thursday :). Forgot bout my camera til the drive back :P Haha.. Went to uni early in the morning.. Waited for rob coz he had a test then jess came and we went to catch the bus to Oat St Train station and caught two trains.
At one stop these chicks were running for their lives to get on the train and I can just hear it going, "Doors closing" beep beep beep beep beep beep but somehow they managed to get in but it was still funny, watching em' run.

Anyhoos nearly missed our stop and then steph came and picked us up woOt! We wanted to get some maccas, except the place had closed down (apparently 3 years ago) AND WE WALKED IN A HUMONGOUS CIRCLE...to get food because, i dont know why... ended up gettn fish n chips on the beach woo! yummy!

The weather was nice today but the water was freeezinggg ....*fripples* lol or ENS as u guys can figure out wat that is. But yeah got use to it after awhile ..it twas fun !!^^ and Rob pushed me over :O jKjK....I was scareded and I fell ..Read magazines on the beach and got a tan, though never dark enough, Oh there was this lady and she was topless but she was lying facedown...but she had kids n they were on holidays...and the girls were like eww, if their mum ever did that...they wouldnt go with em or wateva lol...gross

Oh yeah, rob drank sand...why? I DONT KNOW...= \ haha..*tells the whole world* (evil laugh inserted here) what else happened?.. after the beach we went to maccas somewhere else...and I got Mcflurry ! yay! then we headed back to Uni...for a lecture.

It was a fun day.

p.s i didnt take that picture of the beach.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Cotto on saturday to get a tan...was nice n sunny in the morning and jia wanted to go beachin so we did....cept a few things were assumed wrong... as jia said...
1. we thought there was sharks...because of the channel 7 helicopter and crowd and lifeguards...but it was a rip
2. we thought itd b nice n sunny all day cept the weather turned sour and it was cold n windy, blehh
3. there was a person on the grass and we thought it was a chick...and wen we went to sit...we realised it was, in fact, a man on his sides...not a chick at all.. hahhaa...
mmyes otherwise it was a fun trip to the beach.

kah sean and i went to get an xray of our teeth...some radiology clinic in garbo, i know that i definetli need to pluck my teeth where ks has a slight chance that she doesn't. darnit!..lets jush hope i dont have ne unknown wisdom teeth or else 8 TEETH TO B PLUCKD..blehhhh ..the xray man was creepy...he had a creepy laugh that creeped me out. C-R-E-E-P-Y

yeah after xray we went shoppin round garbo..we bought dresses woo to wear to lynna/cels ...
oh and we saw spongebob vending machines, so we got two each haha! soOo cute! lil spongy things..

going to the beach tomoro =D...

oh yeah... rob gave me a rose the other day and i took a pic and he wrote on my pic yayayay... its so gorgeous...(it matches!)

Friday, October 20, 2006

I am Le tired

i am so tireddd ...went to bed at 1am (woke up at 6am) studying for physics because had a group meeting last night til 10pm..finshhing off our speech powerpoint presentation and poster. hehehe.. i like the group..everyones so laid back and funny = ]

the guys and our rainbow poster

Yeah we made the most colorfulest poster ever haha...it has like bright pink on it!! pretty awesome.. yeah OMG so annoying... the other group prepared like last night...(their speeches) and likes they didnt have their powerpoint presentation or their poster...AND THEY GOT WAY BETTER MARKS THAN US...altho it was a practise..we so kickd their arse...but stupid teacher said we didnt have enough group work...THEY PREPAREd EVERYTHING LAST NIGHT...pfft... they got 7 / 10 and we got 5.5 pfft..annoyed...yes moving along...

group photo haha..


yes thats my story...

mmyes...so wat have i been up to..last saturday went to a frends bday dinner ...seafood jade restaurant in northbridge... there was a wedding on at the same time...and we're like.. "hrms didnt know u were getting married" ..went with rob and some uni friends... after that went to have some ice kachang... well i had a lychee bubble tea (its realli nice, for those that havnt had it) and uMm then we went to potblack for a game of pool but but... it was packed.. ooOo i saw shyong, chun, jas, mun n timothy...then we went to TIMEZONE!!!! hehehe...took photo stickers with rob PHOTO STICKERS RAWK...ehehe.. OOo u know the coin machine...where u put in coins...and u wait for it to drop but it hardli ever... well...these ppl were playing and then ..im like oMg its so gonna drop...but it didnt then they went away and i stared at the coins AND THEY DROPPED...(im developing...telekenesis) yup so had a game of time crisis with robb...cept i died pretty shortli into the game due to my lack of shootin n dodging skills... la la la...yeah it twas a fun night..



me and ks went to the dentist on thursday morning to get our teeth moulded...hrms...get a mould of our teeth? to get braces..and the guy said it costed $4500 which is a bit expensive... so we might shop around first.. =D if i get braces...4 of my teeth need to be plucked :( blehhhh...

yeah...not sure wat else i did this week but if i remember i post more entries...as for now...


take kare n goodbye


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Group Meeting

Wednesday is usually my uni-free day but i had a group meeting for contemporary science 101 ...we had an oral presentation to present and we had chosen our topic to be "forms of energy" so theres like solar, nuclear, fossil fuel and wind... anyhOos... of all days wednesday!! iT WAS POURIN LIKE NO TOMORO WEN I WENT OUT!!! and i used my oh so very cool carebear umbrella to walk to the library! hehe..anYHoos...

gots there sorta earli n mets up with robert because he finshd class earli...and managed to find a study room jush in time...as ppl were headin out..and rob went to grab the rest of the group members coz we were meant to meet at the lounge (THEE meetin spot) and we kinda finshed in like an hour...and we were discussing our "uniforms" and we were gon wear white shirts and draw like the sun and nuclear sign etc so we're like ok so we need to buy paint and im like yeah i could take u all shopping...and theyre like what now? and it was 1pm and some of them had classes at 2pm so WE HEADED TO SPOTLIGHT! hAhaha...and there was five of us so fitted perfectli into my lil yaris ... =D =D i gots rob to drive haha...they din noe he doesnt have his license...hrms...ANywAys...so we bought like two tubes of fabric paint...and dropped everyone off at uni and i wents home..

thought it was random...i like my group =D

end of story...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Makeover mavis

Lol..if use have seen jias site...this is wats been keepin me occupied for the last few minutes... http://makeover.ivillage.com give urself or ur friend a makeover!!! so much fun hehehe..
i think i look best with an afro...wadya reckon?

medium hair length oo
oh u can put makeup n shit on as well...hrms and hats n glasses n contacts etc

short hair

AFROOO!!!! so the look! now show me ur makeovers!!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Perth Royal Show

OMGGG!!!! it was sooo much funnn!!!! maybe because i didnt want to keep my hopes up in case it was a disappointment ....like market night... BUT ROYAL SSHOW KICKD ARSE! headed to claremont showground with robert around 1ish ...whoa soo manyyy cars!!! parkd at some primary school...they were chargin ppl..Lol ppl at their houses were chargin ppl to park on their property n stuff...pretty funny.. anyhoos

i gots in with my concession yayayay! rob had to pay 20 MUAHuauahah.. SHOWBAGS! first one i gots was new woman and i saw likes weif, yuets, kahsean and huoymin...who was meeting up with adam and yuehlai... hehe.. i was on a quest to find my fucking black angel showbag BUT NOOOOO!!! they wernt selling it anywhere!! yeah kinda got over it....... boughted bertie beetle...wats royal show without buyin a bertie beetle showbag guys! um um....bought massive lolli showbags yayayay! candy world showbag, some wahead one and a zombie sour chewy one... and bertie beetle... yup yup..rob bought some showbags for his lil sister and a carebear and a pony :) i wanna be a lil kid again ...and get all the cool toys and not feel stupid!

yes...decided to check out the rides section so went to drop off the showbags in my car...i made peanut butter jelly sandwiches
so had that in the car...then me and rob played at the primary school park for awhile soOo fuN!! haha...me scared of weird slide thing... has like two poles..and ur meant to slide down it...like with ur legs open... how to explain...nvm anyways... wents back to the show and was deciding on which rides to ride....(great sentence) and ended up going on the ferris wheel and playin games for most of the night hahaha.. i bought the lucky number one and won on my first go WOOOT!!! BIG CUTE DRAGON FOR 2BUCKS!!! yAYAYyayay ...*over the moon* hehe... hell awesome... oh and the 20cent machines...rob won ONE DOLLAR! that was exciting haha...bought another ticket thing for the lucky numbers but didnt win anything...and played the pulled the string one ..i wanted the pony! or the carebear! or maybe even the dog....but got like useless weird lil toys....lol well the light thing was pretty cooL! necklace thing that flashes ...in a spikey rubber ball... yupp...

pics pics pics!

bought some american battered sausage thing and red powerade.... oh went in this museum tent thingo and they had weird mirrors and likes makes us look like midgets and bulk n buff n stuff :D:D:D then went to find a spot to watch the fireworks!! there was some lawn mowing car competition goin on...then the fireworks went off....wowww so prettyful and colorful!!!! took some pics! yayayay! then wents back and droved homes! SUCH A GORGEOUS DAY AND NIGHT!!!! :D thoroughly enjoyed it!

ok time for more lollies!

signin out....

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival


Miss the mid-autumn festivals held on the island where we parade after the lion dances holding lanterns of assorted colors, sizes and shapes. Watch the candles burn away and set some lanterns on fire hehe. Miss the free moon cakes in baskets they hand out to all the little kiddies and jush the atmosphere and enchantment of the festival. ANYHOOS....

highli disappointed, somehow i had an expectations of markets selling stuff other than JUST FOOD....tho the food was nice hehe...whoa it was packed ay...felt like s'pore or m'sia or sumfink.. wents to find roberto! THE MOON WAS SO BRIGHT N BIG N BOOTIFULLL ...took a pic of it (above) and saw all use girls =DD lAksa!! and and med im ppls haha...i had peach tea bbt, strawberry snow ice, fish balls on stick and and bought Two MOon CAKes woo! emerald something with yolk and and green tea hehe...yes..

yesh it wasnt that bad... heres a pic of my moon cake...hehe.. ROYAL SHOW TOMOZA ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH@!!!!!!!!!!! excited !!! heehheehehe..


for those that havent the the new ipod shuffle..its pretty cool...

anyways gonna get some sleep for a big day out tomoro yayayay!

12:33am over n outtt

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shopping impulse

yay sunnies 1,2,3 Bling sunnies from dotti 4. black large jacki O's from jayjays

Went to carousel with robert after unii and i boughted TWO SUNNIES TODAY coz coz i love them both very dearly...haha... the first three pics of the sunnies are the same and the last one has a more bugged-eye design ...the first one has coOL bling on the side tehehe... one from dotti and one from jayjays ...i love jayjays


go check out the new stuff!

and got new jayjay shirts hehehe simple n cheap wOo

new tops!