Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Cotto on saturday to get a tan...was nice n sunny in the morning and jia wanted to go beachin so we did....cept a few things were assumed wrong... as jia said...
1. we thought there was sharks...because of the channel 7 helicopter and crowd and lifeguards...but it was a rip
2. we thought itd b nice n sunny all day cept the weather turned sour and it was cold n windy, blehh
3. there was a person on the grass and we thought it was a chick...and wen we went to sit...we realised it was, in fact, a man on his sides...not a chick at all.. hahhaa...
mmyes otherwise it was a fun trip to the beach.

kah sean and i went to get an xray of our teeth...some radiology clinic in garbo, i know that i definetli need to pluck my teeth where ks has a slight chance that she doesn't. darnit!..lets jush hope i dont have ne unknown wisdom teeth or else 8 TEETH TO B PLUCKD..blehhhh ..the xray man was creepy...he had a creepy laugh that creeped me out. C-R-E-E-P-Y

yeah after xray we went shoppin round garbo..we bought dresses woo to wear to lynna/cels ...
oh and we saw spongebob vending machines, so we got two each haha! soOo cute! lil spongy things..

going to the beach tomoro =D...

oh yeah... rob gave me a rose the other day and i took a pic and he wrote on my pic yayayay... its so gorgeous...(it matches!)


Anonymous said...

uhhh....i didnt make that....


the other ones better coz the shadows match...



kahsean said...

ooo i love those spongebobs =) soo cute!! we need to get the other 4 ahhaha

YuehLai said...

EEeeee sooo cutteee!! i want i want!!

Anonymous said...

i hope u hafta pluck 8 teeth out!! =]

Anonymous said...

Ahh you're going to the beach AGAIN? :( no fair I want!
Haha I got that Spongebob sponge too, cost me $2 and now it sits at the bottom of my bag. I think I'll rather have the $2 sitting at the bottom of my bag instead.
Mine is that grumpy one, the silly one looks cuter!
Haha creepy dentist! Haven't you heard about the dentists who molest patients while they're under an anesthetic? Heh heh.
Have fun at the beach.. and at the dentist.. :D

hm said...

lol those spongebobs are awesome!! i want one!!!!