Friday, October 27, 2006



Beached on Thursday :). Forgot bout my camera til the drive back :P Haha.. Went to uni early in the morning.. Waited for rob coz he had a test then jess came and we went to catch the bus to Oat St Train station and caught two trains.
At one stop these chicks were running for their lives to get on the train and I can just hear it going, "Doors closing" beep beep beep beep beep beep but somehow they managed to get in but it was still funny, watching em' run.

Anyhoos nearly missed our stop and then steph came and picked us up woOt! We wanted to get some maccas, except the place had closed down (apparently 3 years ago) AND WE WALKED IN A HUMONGOUS CIRCLE...to get food because, i dont know why... ended up gettn fish n chips on the beach woo! yummy!

The weather was nice today but the water was freeezinggg ....*fripples* lol or ENS as u guys can figure out wat that is. But yeah got use to it after awhile ..it twas fun !!^^ and Rob pushed me over :O jKjK....I was scareded and I fell ..Read magazines on the beach and got a tan, though never dark enough, Oh there was this lady and she was topless but she was lying facedown...but she had kids n they were on holidays...and the girls were like eww, if their mum ever did that...they wouldnt go with em or wateva lol...gross

Oh yeah, rob drank sand...why? I DONT KNOW...= \ haha..*tells the whole world* (evil laugh inserted here) what else happened?.. after the beach we went to maccas somewhere else...and I got Mcflurry ! yay! then we headed back to Uni...for a lecture.

It was a fun day.

p.s i didnt take that picture of the beach.


Anonymous said...


kahsean said...

ahah jia!!

oo i wanna go to the beach now =D

Anonymous said...

sand tastes not so yummy...

plus i look stupid in that pic

And u made urself fall over, wasnt meee lol .. . and that sand scraped off all my knee hair o.O thanks mavis :(


Anonymous said...

ahhaha ENS erected nipple syndrome... hahah have u seen the mentos add? omfg his nipples are hell erected hahaha so gross.. should try the new mentos sometime mai bum! =]

YuehLai said...

ahah that mentos ad is gross!! beach time!! woott!!

Mai said...

i havent seeeen it? lol wat flavour?

hm said...

LOL ive never seen that ad too....hmmmm i should watch more TV