Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shopping impulse

yay sunnies 1,2,3 Bling sunnies from dotti 4. black large jacki O's from jayjays

Went to carousel with robert after unii and i boughted TWO SUNNIES TODAY coz coz i love them both very dearly...haha... the first three pics of the sunnies are the same and the last one has a more bugged-eye design ...the first one has coOL bling on the side tehehe... one from dotti and one from jayjays ...i love jayjays


go check out the new stuff!

and got new jayjay shirts hehehe simple n cheap wOo

new tops!


Robbbbb said...

and i didnt buy nuthin :(

i wanted a new hat

kahsean said...

ooo shopping!! i wanna go buy some clothes now

Anonymous said...

sunnies looks the same man...bor su zhor... buy two kee heo ahh??

Mai said...

i realli like em both...one was on sale :) and my white sunnies broke

hm said...

arghhh i need new sunnies too!!


Anonymous said...

i need new sunnies myself too!! soooo hard to find man!! freaken lost mines!!! goddamit!!!

shirley said...

nice sunnies!

vanessa said...

those glasses look extremely funky ;)