Saturday, October 07, 2006

Perth Royal Show

OMGGG!!!! it was sooo much funnn!!!! maybe because i didnt want to keep my hopes up in case it was a disappointment ....like market night... BUT ROYAL SSHOW KICKD ARSE! headed to claremont showground with robert around 1ish ...whoa soo manyyy cars!!! parkd at some primary school...they were chargin ppl..Lol ppl at their houses were chargin ppl to park on their property n stuff...pretty funny.. anyhoos

i gots in with my concession yayayay! rob had to pay 20 MUAHuauahah.. SHOWBAGS! first one i gots was new woman and i saw likes weif, yuets, kahsean and huoymin...who was meeting up with adam and yuehlai... hehe.. i was on a quest to find my fucking black angel showbag BUT NOOOOO!!! they wernt selling it anywhere!! yeah kinda got over it....... boughted bertie beetle...wats royal show without buyin a bertie beetle showbag guys! um um....bought massive lolli showbags yayayay! candy world showbag, some wahead one and a zombie sour chewy one... and bertie beetle... yup yup..rob bought some showbags for his lil sister and a carebear and a pony :) i wanna be a lil kid again ...and get all the cool toys and not feel stupid!

yes...decided to check out the rides section so went to drop off the showbags in my car...i made peanut butter jelly sandwiches
so had that in the car...then me and rob played at the primary school park for awhile soOo fuN!! haha...me scared of weird slide thing... has like two poles..and ur meant to slide down it...like with ur legs open... how to explain...nvm anyways... wents back to the show and was deciding on which rides to ride....(great sentence) and ended up going on the ferris wheel and playin games for most of the night hahaha.. i bought the lucky number one and won on my first go WOOOT!!! BIG CUTE DRAGON FOR 2BUCKS!!! yAYAYyayay ...*over the moon* hehe... hell awesome... oh and the 20cent machines...rob won ONE DOLLAR! that was exciting haha...bought another ticket thing for the lucky numbers but didnt win anything...and played the pulled the string one ..i wanted the pony! or the carebear! or maybe even the dog....but got like useless weird lil toys....lol well the light thing was pretty cooL! necklace thing that flashes ...in a spikey rubber ball... yupp...

pics pics pics!

bought some american battered sausage thing and red powerade.... oh went in this museum tent thingo and they had weird mirrors and likes makes us look like midgets and bulk n buff n stuff :D:D:D then went to find a spot to watch the fireworks!! there was some lawn mowing car competition goin on...then the fireworks went off....wowww so prettyful and colorful!!!! took some pics! yayayay! then wents back and droved homes! SUCH A GORGEOUS DAY AND NIGHT!!!! :D thoroughly enjoyed it!

ok time for more lollies!

signin out....


kahsean said...

aahha congratz on winning for ur first go!! i won all gey stufff lol

Robbbbb said...

how crappy do i look in that pic -___-

hmmmm...well at least we got lots and lots of lollies to get hyped up on :D:D:D

The day was good wasnt it? I had a fantasticcccc dayyyyy

Im eating a fizzy lolly right nowwww :P

My teeth are so gunna get rotted




FeLLi _ [ chinked - out ] said...

WAHhHHhhHh SOUNDS SO FUN MAN!!! i wanna goOoOOo now kekekkeke ^^ i want ur dragon!!! *steals dragon* omigosh! i remember last time we got all those free yakult! huahuahua =D anihoos

Anonymous said...

That dragon iss so cute!! lUCKiass!!! Glad u had fun!!! btw
EDIT: saw likes weif, yuets, YUEHLAI and huoymin...who was meeting up with adam and KAHSEAN... LOL!! luvu

Mai said...

ooops SORRRIIIIII!!!! i knew i stuft it up...darnit sorri bout that..

Anonymous said...

wooooh so many soft toys!!


vanessa said...

nice pics of the fireworks! i like! and omfg just $2 for tht HUGE dragon?! lucky!!

Anonymous said...

Be a man rob

Robbbbb said...

will do, anonymous