Sunday, October 08, 2006

Makeover mavis

Lol..if use have seen jias site...this is wats been keepin me occupied for the last few minutes... http://makeover.ivillage.com give urself or ur friend a makeover!!! so much fun hehehe..
i think i look best with an afro...wadya reckon?

medium hair length oo
oh u can put makeup n shit on as well...hrms and hats n glasses n contacts etc

short hair

AFROOO!!!! so the look! now show me ur makeovers!!



Robbbbb said...


Especially the one i made of myself looking like a whore :D

Anonymous said...

ahhaha yeah the afro one is the BEST!!


Anonymous said...

OMG... u look good in the afro man.. should make ur hair like that one day!! =] PUBES

vanessa said...

hahahahha tht is so kewl! btw i got the blog skins from www.blogskins.com...lol....ironic rite?

YuehLai said...

AFRO is definately ur best look LoL

kahsean said...

ahhah go the afro! yeh i saw jia's blog but i wasn't bothere doing it.lol

Anonymous said...

hahaha ur final evolution was an afro... funny. im bored

Anonymous said...

wow. the fro gives u a "cleopetra" style. lol. awesome. i think u should go with the fro man

FeLLi _ [ chinked - out ] said...

sumone been watching too much GuY SebAStiAn dudezZz O_o JKJK kekeke nahhh u lok HELLLL SEXAYYY *wink wink* well if u ever get an afro can i borrow u to dust my room mah??? cuz its like SOoOOOo DUSTY X_x i fink dust bunnies made it their permanent residence man ^^"
LUV UUUU *muak muak* *quak quak*