Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2 more days

missing my robbio..

Gong xi fa cai everyone! = ] happy new year!

Mm.. haven't bloggd for a bit... on the 17th feb an oil rig went past ci and it was exciting Lol

12 o clock went at the back of the lion truck with weif and puits and ks was in the other truck. Went around the island and I got to muck around with the cymbols weee! (18.2.07)

19.2.07 weee! lion dance came to my place!!

20.2.07 went to lily beach

and collected piles of coloured rocks (n leaves n shiz)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Hike to Dolly Beach

Yesh... Please refer to KAHSEAN'S BLOG for more detail

Nehoos...so off we went to DOlly...the car ride was really bumpy and the walk there took bout 20mins or so.. And the first thing i did when i got there was try to catch some fishies Kekeke.. i manage to catch like 4 at the rock pools... and then later we went for a swim ..and kahsean went fishing and caught like ten + fishes in like 5 minutes... hehe .. that was coOL...

Yan + me

nehoOOs... yeah it was CooL... walking down to dolly..Look at the view weee!

then went to rex centre for milkshakes n drinks and half my fishies were dead..and tooK em hOme...and MUM CHUCKD IT IN THE FRESHWATER TANK ..and they're salt water FISHES O.o


Guess what...


how cool is that...been more than a day ..almost two..and they eat the bread crumbs and swim around healthily ..weee! yeh there was only three left tho... and the pretty flat ones were all dead ..*sigh* couldnt catch the blue lightning fishes..way too fast

myesh...thats my dolly story..

-Mavis xx.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jetty Jumping

Belated Bday Post

after my bday dinner...we headed to the poonsaan shops...and then kar yan was like

"thanks for dinner, mavis"

so headed back to the silver birch with kahsean and paid and the auntie was like..Hah! u ran away without paying! hehHEhehe.. but dad was at poonsaanclub so he couldv paid hehhe... YAh...

thats all. =]~

Oh and i forgot to put a pic of suzane.. i think i had a pic of everyone at the dinner whOopsy!