Saturday, March 22, 2008

Swimming II


Weeee~ ok finally got a pic of the pool! Isn't it gorgeous?? and that bed thing costed me 3 bucks from Crazyyy Clarks :D. Yesterday we went swimming and it's amazing how quick little kids learn to do things, like swim. I remember the first time we went swimming in the pool, Moni, Rob's little sister was afraid of putting her head under water or lying on her back and she couldn't float/swim and 2 weeks on, SHE CAN SWIM, like to the deep end and back :O we chucked her in the middle of the deep pool AND SHE DIDN'T DROWN!! fascinating stuff ..myesh I can't remember the first time I actually learnt swim.

Moni swimming

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hm said...

wooooooah nice pool!