Friday, May 08, 2009

Cute Little Dresses

I bought two new dresses last week and I think they're very adorable! The Blue dress is from Dotti and it was on sale for $49.95, RRP $69.95! It also comes in cream or silver. The Black dress on the right with the long drape down the middle, I saw it on my lunch break one week at Forever New and was going to go back for it and I couldn't find it!!! I went back again last week and there was one left hidden in the corner of the shop, in my size! It was meant to be, hey. Let's call it fate!!

What I love about the black dress is that it gives me an ass! Coz' I ain't got none!
Also, the blue dress has pockets! Which is a bit different!


Jia said...

I tried on the black dress before! I loved how it fitted, but the drape-y bit gave me a little too much ass apparently :P Haha. Was tempted to buy it though, but figured I had too many LBDs in my closet and ot enough occasions to wear them to.

Mai said...

haha we like similar dresses! ie that LBD from Live! Yeh I want ghetto booty! the bigger the better!