Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tree is up

Christmas is near and I suppose it is time to get into the christmas spirit, so I went to the nearest Red Dot store to purchase my oh so lovely christmas tree! I didn't want anything dramatically big and the tube that the tree came in looked like a reasonable size, however as I unpacked the tree, I realised IT WAS FUGIN TINY!!! I was thinking...this tree is pathetically small, but I decided to decorate it anyways and place it on woodstove. Yes, thats right I HAVE A CHIMNEY so santa can climb down my chimney and hand me my presents!! mUAHuahhahha... though it'd have to be a rather skinny santa. I heard they might change the way santa looked because he portrayed a rather unhealthy character which I think is a shame.. a skinny santa is never gonna pull it off.

Ahh...for those of youse that read KarenChengs Blogs, DO YOU LIKE MY LAYOUT!? hahaha...inspirational indeed^^, coincidently my xmas tree came with my favourite colored decos, blue tinsels and baubles. All it was missing was a star, so I awoken out the creativity beast sleeping within and got out the artsy crafty stuff and made my own homemade star! ISN'T IS BEAUTIFUL!?!
Christmas is followed by the new year, which means new years resolutions! What's your new years resolution??
Well just wanna wish everyone a
'Merry Christmas and a Festive New Year!'
Have a good one, and take care of yourselves! <33>

My mini tree^^


Anonymous said...

you like...got all these bottles next to the tree...ur a drunk'd arent u
I knew it

and ur tree is tiny. Well u know what they say about the size of the christmas tree.

Love you ^^ ♥

Yuets said...

omfg wtf so small? bigger the better dude!

hm said...

ahhaa thats one cute christmas tree =)

new years resolutions ... the thing about MY ny resolutions, i try to make them, but throughout the year i kinda forget what i wanted to make happen..aah shucks

YuehLai said...

cool chimney!!! santa can get drunk on those drinks instead of the usual cookies n milk treat they get.