Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet Snowflake!!!!

Weee, I got pictures of my baby bunny!!! I get to pick it up on Friday morning (2nd Jan)!! I can't wait!! Gonna go shopping for the rest of the bunny accessories today!! It looks like a white rabbit at the moment, but as it gets older the nose and the ears will get slightly greyer. It looks like it has blue eyes!!


FeLLi said...

AwWwwWWw!!! wat a cute name for SUCH A CUTE BUNNY!!! X) i wanna squish it!!! ekekkeke cant wait to see it!!! X)LURVE U HEAPS!!! XoXO

Par said...

Awww so cute!
Do you know how big your bunny will be?

Mai said...

It's a minilop so it gets up to 1.2kg :D