Thursday, December 06, 2007

Viccie Station - Burswood


Got picked up by the birthday girl herself in her shining new shazzy red mazda 2!! weee~ we almost had a car accident - i saw my life flash before my eyes !

Next stop - Vic. Station woot!~

I bought a new dress from city beach - my current casual job! I WANT SO MANY THINGS FROM THERE!!! This is me and subu at the dinner table.
Yen, being the random girl she is, BOUGhT A RABBIT MEAL!!! OMGGG THAT'S DISGUSTING!!! I love my rabbits...so i refused to have any!! ew ew ewww!
Me, on the other hand, decided to have my Seafood Medly - patagonian toothfish, prawns & scallops and capsicum salad. All our meals were rather small and I finished my dinner for once!

This is the Bday Girl :D Sweet 18....WE GOT FREE CAKE!!! we were discussing - the next time we have dinner, just say it's someone's bday and u'll get a free cake Lol.
Chocolate mousse and peppermint with chocolate crackle at the bottom - De-friggen-licious!!
At the Lobby :) hanging out - and bitching, what we do best :)
Bitching is cheap therapy !

What do u reckon? Yuets dress or mine :D:D:D
Yuets looks hott!
Overally, good night :D weee~


FeLLi said...

OooOOo SEXY MAI MAI *wink wink* ekkekek i was working that night!!! kekekek looked like fun!!! X)

Anonymous said...

wow u guys almost had a car accident?? what happened?? it was an awesome night :D and the food was great too. i love ur dress and that shiny ass ring u had on... but of course yuets dress :D hahaha


Jia said...

I like Yuet's dress :)
And yours :)