Sunday, December 09, 2007

Agnes' 18th Party

Weif, B'day Girl and I

I thought it was great!! Held at Snooker Lounge behind the Melville MaccaD's!!I loved the food! There was fried rice, chicken wings, subway cookies, frankfurt thingoes on a stick, chips, cupcakes, noodles, lollies and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including my favouritest drink everr, lemon lime bitters, made by the birthday girl herself!!!

Yummy Food!!
Free games of pool and lanning facilities!! Played a couple of games of pool! that was fun and caught up with friends and netted (how saD) and played a bit of CS. Everyone seemed to end up chatting to each other on msn...to people from the party Lol!
Me and Robbie <3

Rob at the party :P (playing CS!!)

Most of the people ended up going clubbing at Metros, but I wasn't up for it! Heard from the Agnes, she got kicked out for being too drunk!! Poor thing!!


hm said...

ooo wow the food looks deliciousssssss!!

YuehLai said...

The food was deliciousss!! mmmmm