Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

After a hard day's work, I went to Robbie's house to celebrate Christmas Eve. It is a Hungarian tradition to open presents up on Christmas Eve and we had Bangladeshi food for dinner, it was scrumptious! I got lots of presents. it was very exciting!! I got a present from Rob's parents and sisters and Rob himself!! I got a nail spa, pair of beautiful earrings, a new bag, a TV TUNER!! and two new books weeeeee!!~

Everyone had lots of presents too and Rob and his sister had bought his parents a COFFEE MAKER!! Hell awesome! We had dinner after present opening at the christmas tree and then watched Mr Bean's Holiday which was a good laugh!

Hope everyone had a good night, it is now past 12 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!~~~ xoxo


Anonymous said...

merry christmas to u tooo!!!

Jia said...

OMG I want that bag.