Saturday, December 08, 2007

Feet Pampering

Our feet are always getting neglected, we wear high heels, get nasty blisters, dry them out til' they're cracked and bleeding and walk on them until they're used and abused!!

It is time my feet get some Pamperingg!!
Today I made my lovely, gorgeous, hunk-of-a-boyfriend get me a foot spa!!! MY FEET ARE FEELING SO RELIEVED AND RELAXED AND SOFT AND SUPPLE!!! AHHHH!!! FEELS SOOOO GOOOD :D:D:D
Some foot ideas from some site:

* Pour 1/2 cup of Epsom salt into your foot bath to ease muscle aches.
* Brew double-strength tea with chamomile, comfrey, horsetail, lavender, mint or sage. Strain into the foot bath.
* Swish 1 1/2 cups cider vinegar and 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice into tepid foot-bath water

Here are the steps for a natural, at-home pedicure:
1. Foot soak. A warm foot bath cleans the feet and softens skin and cuticles. Adds aromatherapy oils to the water: peppermint is refreshing and stimulating for feet; tea tree oil disinfects and deodorizes.
2. Clip and file nails. After drying your feet, carefully trim the nails, rounding out sharp edges and being sure not to cut them too short to avoid infection.
3. Cuticle care. Gently push back the cuticle. If your cuticles are tough, use a softener. Pushing back cuticles reduces the need to cut them. The cuticle is a beneficial skin/nail barrier that keeps dirt and microbes from invading.
4. Scrub-a-dub-dub. A good foot scrub exfoliates and revs up foot circulation. Native Glow, a scrub that consists of Dead Sea salts (rich in minerals), blue cornmeal and almond oil, can be rubbed all over feet.
5. Smooth the skin. Using a foot file or pumice stone, sand away dry skin and callused areas. To avoid a build-up of hard skin, you need to scrub at least once or twice a week in the shower.
6. Moisturize: Follow the pampering with good moisturizing, using either a creme containing nourishing shea butter, cocoa butter or natural, unrefined oils such as almond, jojoba or pure vitamin E oil.

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FeLLi said...

AwWWWwW how SWEET!!! kekeke looks like fun X) but i reckon HUMAN size would be kool cuz then u would have a SPA!!! muHAHHAhAH ^^v