Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nail Art Beads Set

Weeee~ I got mail today! :D How very exciting!! More stuff from dealextreme!! Nail decor, came in pack of 2!! Fairly cheap despite our australian currency dropping to almost nothing..

Below are some nail stick-ons, little bugs, aren't they cute??

Check out some of the professional nail art from the Beauty Asia 2007 exhibition in Singapore. (Spluch)

For more nail art, please visit Body art

1 comment:

FeLLi said...

ZOMG!!! how would they be able to do anithing with those nails!!! imagine if they had to go use the bathroom!!! LOL!!! ahhahah OMG CANT WAIT TO SEE UR NAILS!!! XD bet they'll be TOTALLY AWESOME!!! X) LURVE U HEAPS!!!